Saturday, September 01, 2012

I love Bangkok day 4


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @hotel
Breakfast @文堂海南雞飯
Dessert @Mae Varee
Chivit Chiva Spa
Khao Shan Road

Woke up at 10am and went down for breakfast immediately. We only ate a little coz the breakfast was the same every day. Rather, we chose to go to 文堂海南雞飯 to have our full breakfast. We took BTS to Thong Lo Station (40 bahts). Mae Varee is just at the corner on the way there, so we bought a pack of coconut rice with mangoes (100 bahts) first and we decided to eat it at 文堂海南雞飯.
coconut rice with mango @Mae Varee

a hawker selling grilled bananas

Finally, we arrived here. Actually it took around 20 minutes to walk from the BTS station. We ordered 2 chicken rice and a plate of veggie and altogether it cost only 200 bahts. Very reasonable price but it was not as tasty as we expected. If Mae Varee is not nearby, I think we could skip this restaurant. One more thing to say, the coconut rice was really GREAT! It was not very sweet with coconut sauce on. The mangoes tasted fantastic as well!

yummy yummy!

On the way back to the BTS station, we saw some hawkers selling Thai milk tea. (40 bahts/ cup) It was pretty sweet, especially the hot one. Remember to ask for less sugar. If you like drinking milk tea, you must try the cold one. Felt good drinking it under hot weather.

Took BTS to Asok Station coz we were gonna enjoy spa at Chivit Chiva Spa. Saw the promotion online and the price was very attractive. It cost only 2,200 bahts for 4 hours coz we got 50% discount! The treatment included relaxing massage on head, hands and foot for 60 minutes, ginger body scrub for 60 minutes, steam and choroma therapy for 30 minutes and Thai massage with herbal hot compress for 90 minutes.

the environment was great and relaxing

staff served us tea and let us choose the treatment we wanna try

room for 2 people

we first got shower and steam, then massage and scrub

the treatment included 15 minutes bubble bath

then the staff led us to another Thai massage area

tea and drink before Thai massage

after finishing the treatment

fruit and drink were served

To be frank, the spa treatment was really cheap. The service was good as well. But if you wanna try REAL spa, it may not be a good choice. (My interpretation of spa is oil massage for a long time) The herbal hot compress was good but sometimes it was too hot for me. After all, with such a good price, we all felt satisfied.

It was already 6:30pm after the treatment and we all felt very hungry. We took BTS to National Stadium Station (35 bahts), then took a taxi to Khao San Road. (80 bahts) (It is already the cheapest way without having traffic jam) Khao San Road is an amazing place with all the shops and nice restaurants and bars there.
with all the national flags up

10 bahts for each (pork, beef and chicken)

fried noodles (50 bahts), must try!

someone performing in the street

We did sightseeing for almost 3 hours. Felt very tired and we found a nice restaurant for dinner. (900 bahts in total) We tried shrimp sashimi as well! Hurray! It was fresh and a bit sticky. Tasted really nice! Love it! Another good night to end with good food.

Total expenses for 3 =8305 bahts
Breakfast @hotel            /
Metro                           40 bahts X3 =120 bahts
Breakfast @文堂海南雞飯  200 bahts for 3
Dessert @Mae Varee      100 bahts for 3
Milk tea                        40 bahts X3 =120 bahts
Chivit Chiva Spa            2200 bahts X2 =6600 bahts
Metro                           35 bahts X3 =105 bahts
Taxi                             80 bahts
Street food                   80 bahts for 3
Khao Shan Road             /
Dinner                          900 bahts for 3

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