Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I love Bangkok day 3


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @hotel
Terminal 21
Lunch @Firehouse
Healthland Thai massage @Asok Branch

Woke up early and had breakfast at hotel. It was quite simple with bacon, sausages, cereals... You can order a variety of eggs as well (scrambled, fried, boiled...) We didn't have much time to stay in the apartment but when we passed by the swimming pool, there were lots of foreigners swimming there. Looked like they had fun swimming there though it is small.
breakfast time (light buffet with eggs to be ordered)

didn't have time to enjoy the swimming facilities

funny chairs

Took BTS to Asok Station (30 bahts) and spent around 4 hours at Terminal 21. It is an amazing shopping centre with different themes on each level. Took lots of great photos! Just love it!


San Francisco

We felt a bit hungry an hour after breakfast (Couldn't believe that...) So went up to the food court and got some stuff to eat. Guest what? We could even get nice food under a great environment (at least very clean) in a good price! That's one of the reasons why I LOVE BANGKOK!

noodles + sweet soup (70 bahts only!)

This level was the most impressive one with all the decorations in UK style.

that's outside the toilet!

that's outside the toilet too!

Arrived at Japan within 5 minutes! There were Japanese video games on this level and 2 kidults started playing this...

Other snap shots in different countries! Wish Hong Kong will have such a thematic shopping centre in the future.

Walked for 20 minutes to the Firehouse for lunch. (1300 bahts) It was an interesting restaurant and the food there was more then great! We didn't expect much coz what we were targeting on was taking pictures with all the helmets. To our surprise, we found that the burgers there were very fresh and juicy! But we were too stuffed to encore one more set. What's more, the staff there were just so helpful. They offered us free Wifi and we were struggling on how to get to Healthland for massage. They not only directed us by drawing a map, but also helped us to call and book the therapy in advance!

mini burger set + seafood basket and we were already full to death!

Healthland is famous for its Thai massage coz it is not very expensive. It was only 450 bahts for 2 hours. We had a good time there and felt relaxed afterwards.

waiting area where you change your shoes

comfy room

a cup of nice ginger tea after massage

After a relaxing massage, we took BTS again to Saphan Taksin Station (40 bahts). From there we took a free boat to Asiatique. We had dinner first coz we were starving.

what we ordered were 1200 bahts in total!

Walked for around 3 hours there. Shops there were special and organized. It is a good place highly recommended for shopping. (Things there are not very cheap though) Had a good time there and was very satisfied today.

Total expenses for 3 =4130 bahts
Breakfast @hotel              /
Metro                             30 bahts X3 =90 bahts
Food court                      70 bahts for 3
Terminal 21                     /
Lunch @Firehouse            1300 bahts for 3
Healthland Thai massage  450 bahts X3 =1350 bahts
Metro                             40 bahts X3 =120 bahts
Dinner @Asiatique           1200 bahts for 3

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