Saturday, August 25, 2012

I love Bangkok day 2


Here we go! Headed to Bangkok today!

Abloom Exclusive Serviced Apartment
(HKD485 for studio suite + 725 bahts for extra person with breakfast included)

Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @ hotel
Taxi to the airport
Flight to Bangkok
Check- in hotel
Siam Exchange (exchange money)
Lunch @Cafe Fish - Siam Paragon 
Tea @Som Tam Nua Papaya Salad, Mango Tango
The Erawan Shrine, Central World
Dinner @水門雞飯, local food store
Big C supermarket

Had a full breakfast in the hotel. Then took a cab to the airport. First time took off in Macau and I got a bit excited. Arrived there in 2 hours. Unlike the one in Hong Kong, Macau Airport is really way too small. There are only a few shops near the boarding area. With not much to see, we started regretting getting there too early! 

Our journey in Bangkok began. With the metropolis of Bangkok, well-known as one of the Asia's most thriving city with 'occasionally' traffic-jam that we research online, we decided to pick our baggage and immediately hop on the SA City Line to our hotel instead of taking a cab or other means of transport.
45 bahts to Phaya Thai Station

interchange and another 25 bahts to Sanam Pao Station

After getting off the train, we walked for 10 minutes to Abloom Exclusive Serviced Apartment. This service apartment has good reputation online. That's why we tried to stay there for our very first time. Actually if you pay extra 200 bahts, you can stay in a 1-bedroom suite. Unfortunately, there was no more room when we arrived and we were too lazy to move to another room the next day, so we had no chance to enjoy a more comfy room.

Took BTS to Siam Station as we gotta exchange some money. If you walk towards National Stadium Station, you may find Siam Exchange near the Art and Cultural Centre. The exchange rate was really really good! See! HKD1 to 4.09 bahts! Highly recommend you to exchange money there!

There were many interesting art crafts outside the Art Centre.

Initially we wanna have lunch at Greghound in Siam Centre, but... the whole shopping centre was CLOSED DOWN!!!! How come??? So we walked to Siam Paragon and had some food in the food court. There was a variety of restaurants. We chose Cafe Fish finally coz dishes there looked quite attractive. Food were quite nice but dishes were way too small and we still felt hungry after finishing them up...

all together 1100 bahts

We walked across the street and there was a flea market opposite Siam Paragon. Originally it was bigger but a large part of it was under construction. It didn't matter coz what we were looking for were Som Tam Nua for papaya salad and Mango Tango for its signature dessert.
only tried 2 dishes (140 bahts)

very spicy...

very tender pork! Must try item!

120 bahts

Walked by Central World and the most famous The Erawan Shrine.

Then we headed to have chicken rice 水門雞飯. It was with great price! The chicken rice only costs 40 bahts and the soup is only 50 bahts! And I wanna say they tasted fantastic as well!

We ate a little there only coz we were attracted by this on the way to have chicken...

They smelt really really NICE! So we ordered a big fish, some veggies and a bottle of beer to end our day. (310 bahts only!!!) Bought some snacks and drinks and went back to our apartment.

Total expenses for 3 =HKD2425  + MOP25 + 6035bahts
Breakfast @ hotel                             /
Taxi to the airport                             MOP25
Flight to Bangkok                              /
Abloom Exclusive Serviced Apartment  HKD485 + 725 bahts X5 
                                                     =HKD2425 + 3625 bahts
Metro to hotel                                  70 bahts X3 =210 bahts
Lunch @Cafe Fish - Siam Paragon        1100 bahts for 3
Tea @Som Tam Nua Papaya Salad       140 bahts for 3
Mango Tango                                    120 bahts X2 =240 bahts for 3
The Erawan Shrine                             /
Central World                                   /
Dinner @水門雞飯                               90 bahts for 3
Local food store                                310 bahts for 3
Big C supermarket                             320 bahts

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