Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I love Bangkok Day 1


Bought air tickets from Airasia Macau. Sometimes promotions by Airasia Macau can be more attractive than those in Hong Kong. It's only MOP900/ person. Could visit Macau and Bangkok at the same time. Haha~ Got advantages by a single move.

Flight schedule:
1110- 1255 FD3601 (Macau to Bangkok)
1540- 1915 FD3604 (Bangkok to Macau)

As we were getting to Bangkok from Macau, we decided to go there 1 day in advance, staying for 1 night and headed to the airport early in the morning. We bought ship tickets and booked hotel seperately coz it seemed cheaper.

We got the Birthday Celebration Promotion by Cotai Jet with HKD198 for round trip ticket specially for birthday star and 1 guest. It was in a really good price coz ship tickets were more than HKD$300 most of the time!

Booked Regency Hotel in Macau via agoda(HKD675/ night) Price of hotels in Macau has gone up very quickly these few years! We took a cab to the hotel from pier in around MOP$25 including the baggage fee. Got the room key quickly. The room was surprisingly great! It looked exactly the same with the pictures online. The thing I concerned most was a room with a bath tub as I got obsessive compulsive disorder on choice of bathroom (it looks more tidy in the bathroom and guarantees the size of the bathroom as well)

We were so hungry and walked to Taipa Old Town right away. We didn't want to spend much on food. We chose a restaurant famous for curry noodles. It was delicious and most importantly, it cost only around MOP25/ bowl! Tried egg tarts as well (MOP8 each) but I don't think there's much difference between those from KFC. Indeed, we were just looking for a place to take a rest.

There was a 3-storey store renovated in that area (maybe it's not new, haven't been to Macau for ages). Took a quick tour as it displayed some art crafts and cultural products in Macau. Worth to take a look if you are nearby.

Of coz after all we did go to the most famous tourist attraction, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro to get some snaps. Had dinner nearby, went to casino and got our supper. And that's all for tonight. Had a good sleep and got ready for the flight the next day!

must try! (MOP15)

best angle for shooting the wall! Can definitly do the shooting without any people walking near or in front of you
yummy 'duck blood' pieces! All together in MOP65 only!

our supper (MOP65)

Total expenses for 3 =HKD1269  + MOP2969
Flight                       MOP900 X3 =MOP2700
Ferry to Macau           HKD198 X3 =HKD594
Cab to hotel              MOP25
Regency Hotel Macau  HKD675 for 1 night
Lunch                       MOP25 X3 =MOP75
Egg tarts                  MOP8 X3 =MOP24
Local street food       MOP15
Dinner                     MOP65
Supper                     MOP65

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