Saturday, September 08, 2012

I love Bangkok day 6


Itineary of today:
Victory Monument BTS Station
Maeklong Railway Market
Amphawa Floating Market

It was finally Friday and here comes the highlight of this Bangkok trip. Had breakfast at hotel for 4 days already and we were both tired of the same kind of food. We decided to walk to Victory Monument Station and find out some local restaurant for our breakfast. We were attracted by this...

120 bahts for 3

After 15 minutes walk, we finally arrived at the coach station. It took almost 1 and a half hour drive to Maeklong Railway Market costing 70 bahts/ person. Quite comfortable mini coach and of course saving money instead of joining local tour.

It was Friday and the next train would be 2:30pm. That means we gotta wait... Toured around by ourselves

timetable for the train

a small pier behind the station

some backdrops near he station

Frankly, Meaklong is only a local wet market with not much things to see. But still we walked around and looked at all the shops coz we had plenty of time. Another experience on how ordinary Thai people live.

It came to the most exciting part. Every tourist was ready to take photos. Hawkers packing their goods coz the train was coming. They were really quick! Packing all the stuff just a few minutes before the train passed by their shops!

it was soooo close and I was holding my breath when it passed by!

Left Maeklong and headed to another exciting place Amphawa. If you head back to the main road, you will see some people asking you to go on their truck to Amphawa. It was quick and cheap. It only costs 8 bahts/ person. It was full like within 5 minutes! After 15 minutes ride, we finally arrived a shopping and eating paradise.

Was starving and hunting for nice food. And this caught our eyes... And the seafood there was soooo cheap! There was a nice restaurant next to it. If you order drink there, they don't mind you taking food and dinning in.

see how nice it was! cost less then 500 bahts!

Kept going after our great lunch.

what we bought

taking a rest after shopping

and a cool drink to refresh ourselves

so lucky to see Thai boxing there! they were only little kids!

The last coach back to Victory Mounment was 7pm. We took the coach back to the city (80 bahts), then found a place to eat. It was too hot after a long day shopping, so we decided to have dinner in a shopping mall nearby. We bought a lot of food back to the hotel as well for supper. It was another great day and tomorrow we were gonna go back to Hong Kong...

actually can eat it in HK (400 bahts)

we were tired, but we felt really happy today!

Total expenses for 3  =4069 bahts
Metro                              25 bahts X3 =75 bahts
Breakfast                         120 bahts for 3
Coach @Victory Monument  70 bahts X3 =210 bahts
Maeklong Railway Market    /
Tuk tuk                            8 bahts X3 =24 bahts
Amphawa Floating Market   /
Seafood lunch                   500 bahts for 3
Snacks + shopping            2500 bahts
Coach @Victory Monument  80 bahts X3 =240 bahts
Dinner                             400 bahts for 3

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