Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My birthday Trip to Langkawi Day 2


Itinerary of today:
Arrived Langkawi + car rental
Chenk-in Bella Vista Hotel
Lunch @Four Seasons Resort + Tanjung Rhu Beach
Cenang Beach
Awana Hotel
Dinner @Orkid Ria

Woke up early in the morning coz we gotta catch the ferry to Langkawi. After having breakfast at the hotel, we took a taxi to the pier. (MYR15)

You may find the ship schedule in this website. It departs at 8:15am and 8:30 am daily from Penang and 2:30pm and 5:15pm daily from Langkawi. It costs MYR115/ person.

When we got off the ferry, there were plenty of agencies for car rental and local tours. Rented a car there for 4 days (MYR240). Not an excellent car especially when it went up slopes... But it was already good enough with reasonable price.

Our choice of accomodation was Bella Vista hotel (HKD325/ night with breakfast included) It was quite a cosy hotel. One only thing that I don't like was that there was no door or curtain in the shower area, which water splashed all over while taking a shower.

Initially we planned to have lunch at Barn Thai. We drove over there and looked for it for almost half an hour and finally a lady told us it was shut down already... So we went to Four Seasons Resort right away. Four Seasons Resort was a really relaxing place covering Tanjung Rhu Beach. After having lunch there, we toured around and took many photos.

pizza + 2 drinks (MYR130)

Then we drove to Cenang Beach to watch the sunset.

Since we were still full, we decided to go to Awana Hotel to take a look. Awana hotel is located at the end of Cenang Beach. It is also the meet up point for some of the local tours.

Finally it came to dinner time! Orkid Ria is the best seafood restaurant in town! I could only see this restaurant with groups after groups of people going in. Fresh seafood guaranteed!

fried rice + tiger prawns + satay + veggie (MYR130)

Total expenses for 2 =HKD650 + MYR745
Breakfast @hotel                   /
Taxi to pier                          MYR15
Ferry to Langawi                   MYR115 X2 =MYR230
Car rental                            MYR240 for 4 days
Bella Vista Hotel                  HKD325 X2  for 2 nights
Lunch @Four Seasons Resort  MYR130 for 2
Tanjung Rhu Beach                /
Cenang Beach                       /
Awana Hotel                         /
Dinner @Orkid Ria                 MYR130 for 2

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