Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My birthday Trip to Langkawi Day 4


Itinerary of today:
Perdana Quay
Oriental Village
Langkawi Cable car 
Lunch @Perdana Quay
Seven Wells Waterfall
Sheraton Chalet check-in
The Loaf
Old Town Cafe
Cenang Beach
Bread Story
Dinner @Palm View Seafood Restaurant

Gonna check-in another hotel today. So packed all our baggage and check-out early after breakfast. Accomodation: Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort (HKD 707)

Passed by Perdana Quay and the view there was nice with lots of yachts.

Finally arrived Oriental Village. There were some shops selling souvenirs. Not very special but if you gotta take the cable car, you must go through the village.

Entrance fee for the cable car is MYR30/ person. Unluckily, there were people filming up there and the hanging bridge was in maintenance, we just stayed there for like less than 1 hour... really disappointed coz people said it was a bit exciting and scary walking on the hanging bridge but we were not able to experience it.

Drove to Seven Wells Waterfall right away.  If you gotta park your car there, you have to pay MYR2 as parking fee. We didn't go up to the top coz it was to hard for us to walk up the slope. But it was already amazing seeing the waterfall. Many people brought along their swimming suits to enjoy cool water after walking up there. There were plenty of stores selling cold coconuts (MYR4) after you finished walking the track. Tried a coconut and felt satisfied though it was not very sweet.

Was starving but couldn't fins any restaurant nearby. Drove back to Perdana Quay and had Indian cuisine. Ordered butter chicken, Indian bread and drinks at around MYR40. Quite reasonable and I wanna say the butter chicken was really delicious!


Went back to Sheraton Hotel and check-in for our chalet. It was one of the highlights of our trip and it was surprisingly great! Big room with large double bed, big jacuzzi,  seperated toilet and shower area and most importantly, a bacony with partial seaview! It was absolutely amazing spending only around HK$700 with such a well equipped chalet room!

Spent almost an hour staying in our room and took many photos. Then we found The Loaf buying some famous cookies (MYR8.5). Honestly, they didn't taste special at all, but still it was good to have it as snacks. We also had tea in Old Town Cafe (MYR10.5) and spent some times there surfing on the Internet as free Wifi was provided.

Went to Cenang Beach to watch the sunset. Then bought our breakfast from Bread Story. (Breakfast was not included at Sheraton Hotel. We thought about having a nice breakfast there but it was quite expensive and I usually can't eat much)

Wanna try a new restaurant for dinner and we chose Palm View Seafood Restaurant. We regretted not to have dinner at Orkid Ria again coz it was nothing compared with our meal last night! We ordered crabs, scallops, fried noodles and vegetables (MYR140) and most of them were fair.

Went back to hotel early tonight coz we gonna enjoy the lovely room and jacuzzi. Actually we were very tired already after tight schedule for several days. Got a big surprise tonight and I was really thankful having such a meaningful night : )

Total expenses for 2 =HKD707 + MYR270
Breakfast @hotel                                  /
Perdana Quay                                      /
Oriental Village                                    /
Langkawi Cable car                               MYR30 X2 =MYR60
Parking                                               MYR2
Coconut                                              MYR4
Seven Wells Waterfall                          /
Lunch @Perdana Quay                          MYR40 for 2
Sheraton Chalet                                   HKD707
The Loaf                                             MYR8.5
Old Town Cafe                                     MYR10.5
Cenang Beach                                      /
Bread Story                                         MYR5
Dinner @Palm View Seafood Restaurant  MYR140 for 2

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