Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I love Bangkok day 5


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @hotel
Sathorn Central Pier
Grand Palace
Wat Pho
Wat Arun
Buffet dinner @Renaissance

Since we found that we exchanged more money than we expected, we decided to have buffet dinner tonight. Did some research online and finally we made up our mind to have it at Renaissance coz there was discount. We had breakfast at our hotel first. Then we went to the reception and asked the staff to help us made an appointment. The staff in Abloom was rally helpful. We asked whether they could give us a ride using tuk tuk as well. (but actually it only took 3 minutes from the hotel to the BTS station!)

free tuk tuk service

We took BTS to Saphan Tasin Station (30 bahts). It took around 25 minutes t get there. Then we had a boat ride to N8 (40 bahts) which was near Grand Palace. After getting off the boat, we still had to walk for a long time but we were not bored coz there were plenty of stuff to see on the way. People were selling souvenirs and food all over. When we arrived Grand Palace, it rained suddenly and everybody was standing in front of the shops waiting it to be stopped.

Before we went into the Grand Palace, the guards checked our dress code in detail (I am SERIOUS!) They were very straight and my friend had to borrow pants from the reception (200 bahts deposit). It was a very LONG queue coz most of the tourists (including us) didn't know the rules. Luckily, I got a scarf and could enter without borrowing the T-shirt. Then we went to the ticketing counter to buy tickets (400 bahts). Unfortunately, the Buddha was closed for maintenance and the staff asked us whether we still go in or not. Of coz, we entered the palace coz we were already there and had no time to visit here again!

We were too tired after walking for a few hours under such a hot weather. So we dropped by Haagen-dazs to have a little treat before we left.
around 270 bahts each

Walked back to the pier and took a boat (2 bahts) to Wat Arun. While we were waiting, we bought some souvenirs and had a bowl of pork noodles. (60 bahts in total) They tasted quite good!

It was already 4:30pm when we arrived there. But the outlook still attracted us to take a look within 30 minutes. Paid for the entrance fee (50 bahts) and toured around immediately. It was absolutely breathtaking but it was hard to capture the whole thing into our camera.
See? I am so tiny in front of Wat Arun 

really very steep!

gotta hold tight when you are going down

Took a boat back N8 then to Saphan Tasin Pier and changed BTS to the Renaissance. (3 bahts + 15 bahts + 25 bahts) The buffet dinner was not perfect but applied that's only within HKD200, it was already more than good. We had a good time and relaxing night there and headed back to the hotel at around 10pm.

Total expenses for 3 =HKD600 + 2501 bahts
Breakfast @hotel                  /
Metro                                 40 bahts X3 =120 bahts
Boat                                  40 bahts X3 =120 bahts
Grand Palace                       400 bahts X3 =1200 bahts
Wat Pho                             /
Ice cream                           270 bahts X3 =710 bahts
Lunch                                 60 bahts for 3
Boat                                   2 bahts X3 =6 bahts                  
Wat Arun                            50 bahts X3 =150 bahts
Transport                            45 bahts X3 =135 bahts
Buffet dinner @Renaissance  HKD200 X3 =HKD600

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