Saturday, September 22, 2012

My birthday Trip to Langkawi Day 3


Itinerary of today:
Pick up at hotel
Langkawi Pulau Payar Marine Park Tour
Back to hotel and wash up
Eagle Square
Dinner @Thai restaurant
Flea Market near Bayview Hotel

Woke up early today again coz we went for a diving trip at Pulau Payar for the whole day. We joined the tour online (Coral Island) and it was only MYR120/ person directly sent to the beach. Yet, we found that it is much cheaper to join the local tour in some travel agencies at Cenang Beach. It was like around RM$90/ person only... Stupid us...

Had breakfast at hotel. Then, there was a coach picking us up to the pier. We prepared some bread to feed the fish there by putting them in water bottles.

There were like heaps of people going to Pulau Payar Island every day. After arriving there, you gotta rent a basket (MYR20) to put all your properties in and the staff will help you to look after them.  The basket was quite small and we could only put one of our bags in it. For the rest of our belongings like towel and clothes, we just left them on the table where we had lunch. Then, we queued up and took our scuba diving equipment. We decided to take photos first before we got wet. And actually there were too many people started scuba diving, so we walked along the island and went to another side to enjoy a quiet place. There was a beautiful swing made of wood and we took a lot of nice pictures there.

After taking some photos, we went back to the base and began to get close to the fish and sharks. The water was clear and  we found lots of colourful fish. Unfortunately, most of the corals were dead. They were not as beautiful as I thought.

our lunch box

We left at around 3pm and took the boat back to Langkawi Island. There was a coach ready driving you back to the hotel. We did some wash up and drove to Eagle Square to watch the sunset.
from KFC (MYR6.9)

We were starving and drove to Wonderland Food Store, but we couldn't find it at all! So we just dropped by a Thai restaurant and had dinner there. We ordered fried rice, veggies, shells and drinks (MYR80). Not excellent but quite reasonable.

The restaurant was near Bayview Hotel and luckily, the flea market was located there as well. Walked around and bought some key rings as souvenirs. Then drove back to hotel. It was really tiring today. Gotta take more rest.

Total expenses for 2 =MYR350
Breakfast @hotel                                /
Langkawi Pulau Payar Marine Park Tour  MYR120 X2 =MYR240
Basket rental                                     MYR20
KFC + beer                                        MYR10
Eagle Square                                      /
Dinner @Thai restaurant                      MYR80
Flea Market near Bayview Hotel            /

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