Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I love Bangkok day 7


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @Or Tor Kor Market
Chatuchak Weekend Market
Check-out hotel
Hong Kong

Woke up very early today coz we only got little time for sightseeing. We gave up the breakfast provided by the hotel (again) and headed to Or Tor Kor Market directly. Took BTS to Mo Chit Station (15 bahts) and gotta walk 15 minutes to get there. The Market was bigger than we thought! Found a table and searched for some nice food immediately.

must try grilled chicken (100 bahts for whole)

it only took us less than 500 bahts for a table of food!

Then, we headed back to Chatuchak Flea Market. Coz we only got like less than 3 hours, so we decided to walk on our own and would meet up again at the BTS Station. Shops there were brilliant with a large varieties. Flowers, animals, souvenirs, art, food... Enjoyed shopping there so much! A surprising thing was that a shop selling teaching materials with low price was located at the centre of the flea market. Lots of teachers shopping there and I was one of them. Happy shopping time!

these were what I got from Chatuchak!

Went back to our hotel and packed our baggage. Finished checking out quickly and the staff drove us to the BTS Station. Took the SA City Line again and headed to the airport. Checked all our baggage and we still got some time after going through the customs. Used up the rest of our Thai Bahts for lunch in a restaurant.

Flew back to Macau then ship to Hong Kong. Though it was a bit tiring, everything was within our budget.

Total expenses for 3  =1715 bahts
Metro                                   15 bahts X3 =45 bahts
Breakfast @Or Tor Kor Market  500 bahts for 3
Chatuchak Weekend Market     800 bahts
Metro                                   40 bahts X3 =120 bahts
Lunch @Airport                      250 bahts for 3


  1. Dear Ivy,

    May I ask the details on the way from Macau Airport to Hong Kong?

    Which pier and company did you use? TurboJet or Cotai Jet?

    How to travel from Macau Airport to the pier?

    Did you purchase normal-priced tickets or "Yellow Cow" tickets?


    1. Hey Steven, I traveled with CotaiJet in Tsim Sha Tsui China Ferry Terminal coz I was using the birthday promotion which cost me only HKD$198/ person with my 1 of my friend getting the same price! It was even cheaper than 'Yellow cow' ticket! Upon arrival at Macau Airport, you can take a taxi to Taipa Ferry terminal. It only costs around MOP$30. Hope it can help you : )