Saturday, December 28, 2013

Europe pre-wedding trip Day 10 (Munich)


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @Ristorante Cadoro
Football match @Allianz Area
West gate
City Hall
St Michael's Church

After a long day yesterday visiting Neuschwanstein, we slept in while my friends went our early hunting for Rimowa suitcase. She said it was like 40% cheaper than buying in Hong Kong. Here's our hostel in Munich Jaeger’s Hostel. For a 4-bed-ensuite, it cost us EUR26/ person/ night. That's was reasonable and we didn't need to share the bathroom with others, which was a credit for travelling in group. But the drawback was, we gotta take turn using the bathroom, which was quite time consuming. Overall, the service was good with excellent Wifi in our room. Location was more than great as train station was just at the corner. (within 5 minutes walk)

So while waiting for them doing shopping, we took an outdoor table enjoying our breakfast. Ristorante Cadoro was just next to our hostel. We ordered a cup of Cappuccino, a Spaghetto Carbonara and Lasagne Bolognese and they were all above average. (EUR21.6 altogether)

Finally my friends came back with nothing as the shop was closed for some reasons. They were both upset and said will for sure go again the next day. 

My boyfriend has always dreamed of watching football match in Europe (to be accurate in UK) so he wanted me to arrange one during this trip. Bayern Munich was not in town but still watching 1860 Munich could satisfy his want. (he claimed) We took a train from Marienplatz to Frottmaning, where the Allianz Area located. As we would travel around the city afterwards, we bought the Partner Day Ticket. It was valid for as many trips as you like for up to five adults. (EUR10.5 for 4 of us)

On the other hand, we bought the football match tickets on the Allianz Area official website in advance. (EUR29/ person) Of course we were not in the best viewing position but experiencing the Arena bustling with noise and excitement was fine enough. Just a reminder, staff at the entrance will check your bag and no drinks are allowed. My bottle of cola jumped way into the rubbish bin after all. 

I am not a fan of football, and less exciting match was expected with second graders. Actually I felt pretty neutral about the match, it wasn't bad, but for sure it didn't quite get my full attention. I tried to find something that I have never done in the Arena instead. I bought a card (EUR10) for buying beers and ice cream. Cash was not accepted and the only way to buy food and drink was to go top-up. 

Almost all people in light blue T-shirts, reminds me of Smurfs

The football match came to an end and we did some touristy things again heading back to the city centre. The first thing we did was having a few scoops of ice cream. (EUR1/ scoop)

Then my friend took us to the West Gate, where the shop for buying Rimowa suitcase located. It opened finally but there were limited choices. Luckily, the staff helped calling another branch and reserved one for her to take it the next day.

So we continued our sightseeing with great mood around the City Hall, which was built between 1867 and 1908 by Georg von Hauberrisser in a Gothic Revival architecture style covering an area of 9159 m². It was a giant landmark at the Marienplatz metro station.

Along the way was St Michael's Church. It was built by William V, Duke of Bavaria between 1583 and 1597 as a spiritual center for the Counter Reformation.

On the way to Theatinerkirche. Saw lots of tourists riding bikes and did their sightseeing. That's a cool idea hanging around such a large city.

Theatinerkirche was built in Italian high-Baroque style. Later, Enrico Zuccalli, added two 66 meters high towers, originally not planned, and then finished the 71 meters high dome in 1690. Its Mediterranean appearance and yellow coloring became a well known symbol for the city and had much influence on Southern German Baroque architecture.

A few more steps away was the Hofgarten. 

Finally it came to my most favourite part of the trip in Munich, Hofbrauhaus!

Wilhelm V., Duke of Bavaria (1579 – 1597) decided to build their own brewery and recruited the master brewer of the Geisenfeld Monastery, Heimeran Pongraz, to be the planner, developer and the first “brown” Hofbräuhaus’ master brewer, which went into operation at the “Alter Hof” ( Old Court ) in 1592. It was called the “brown” Hofbräuhaus as only brown ale was brewed there.

Actually it was like a museum with a few places to show you more about the history of the building, but we had no time to go and have a look. We ordered a table of dishes again. Highlights of the day - Original HB sausage platter and Bavarian salt pork knuckle are must order dishes. (EUR52 in total)

Total expenses for 2 =EUR122.9
Breakfast @Ristorante Cadoro EUR21.6 for 2
Metro tickets                         EUR10.5 /2 =EUR5.3 for 2
Football match @Allianz Area  EUR29 X2 =EUR58
Beverage card                       EUR10
Ice cream                             EUR1 X2 =EUR2
West gate                            /
City Hall                               /
Hofgarten                             /
Theatinerkirche                     /
St Michael's Church                /
Hofbrauhaus                         EUR52 /2 =EUR26 for 2

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