Saturday, December 14, 2013

Europe pre-wedding trip Day 7 (Salzburg)


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @Gasthof Bergfried Hotel
Beinhaus the bone house
Hohensalzburg Fortress 
Hohensalzburg Fortress cable Railway 
Fortress Museum 
Marionette Museum 
Mozart’s birthplace
Mirabell Garden
Dinner @Corner am Bahnhof

Had a buffet breakfast at our hotel again early in the morning. Then we attempted to take a look at the famous Beinhaus the bone house (EUR1.5/ person) before we caught our boat. We were quite curious on how people there put all the skulls together in a chapel. That's kinda scary actually. Unfortunately, as it was too early to get into the chapel, so we just took a tour around the cemetery at the hillside. 

Headed back to our hotel to pick our baggage. There were quite a few of stalls set up selling souvenirs on the way. Once again, we saw lots of charming shops and decorations. 

Arrived at the pier to take the 10:15 boat. We took photos again as the lake was so calm with the reflection of the hill and houses at the lakeside.

Got to the train station and there was still some time to go before the train came. That's how we kill our time waiting for the train to arrive. (EUR19 /person)

Arrived at Salzburg and bought Salzburg Card (EUR35 each for 2 days) immediately. We were staying in Salzburg for 2 days and we tried to sum up all the possible expenses we were gonna have for transport and tourist attractions admission. As holders of the Salzburg Card could enjoy free admission to all the sights in the City of Mozart and free use of the public transportation network, it's a really brilliant idea buying this pass to help in lightening the burden of our wallets.

This time we rented an apartment via airbnb. (HKD1380 for 2 nights) It was a studio with a double bed and a sofa bed, just enough for 4 of us to stay for 2 night. The apartment was quite close to the city centre, just within 15 minutes walk to bus terminal and the train station. The host was quite helpful sending us guidance taking the key and getting around, but you know, things happened even when we were well prepared. The fuse ran out and there was no hot water for us to take shower. It's gonna be kidding me taking shower without hot water under this cool weather. Luckily, the host called his friend to come over offering help and the problem was fixed at last.

Went back to the train station and there was a bus terminal outside. Just hop on any of the buses to Zentrum and tell the driver to drop you off at Hohensalzburg Fortress (EUR11, free admission with Salzburg Card), then you will be there. There were quite a lot of interesting street performances. Some stalls were out there selling souvenirs.


We took the Hohensalzburg Fortress cable Railway (EUR4, free admission with Salzburg Card) up tp the fortress. Fast track for us with Salzburg Cards and we didn't need to queue up for long time buying tickets.

And by there we wanna get into the Fortress Museum(EUR11, free admission with Salzburg Card) But it was too crowded and we had no mood to squeeze into the museum, so we decided to head to another place. From the way we went up the fortress, we could take a breathtaking overview of the whole city.

Here came the Marionette Museum (EUR7.8, free admission with Salzburg Card) It was the world-famous Salzburg Marionette Theatre displays exhibits from its vast collection. These include items from Mozart’s Magic Flute and the Sound of Music, but also from events of Salzburg’s regional history, such as the Peasant Uprising, shipping in the days of the archbishops and Mozart’s extensive travels, to name but a few.

On the way to Mozart’s birthplace was Getreidegasse. It was a street for shopping and eating. From my observation, the souvenirs from Salzburg were mainly chocolate or other products with the packing of Mozart on them. Not really feeling interested on them.

As we took a long time on previous attractions, we only got an hour to stay Mozart’s birthplace (EUR10, free admission with Salzburg Card)where the Mozart family lived on the third floor of the "Hagenauer House" at Getreidegasse 9 for twenty-six years from 1747 to 1773.

Then we passed by Makartsteg, which was a bridge where couples put on their love locks, kinda like the one in Paris. 

Our finally destination of the day was Mirabell Garden, in which the Pegasus fountain was one of the place filming 'The Sound of Music' and is remarkably popular with many visitors nowadays. It was getting a bit dark and we were not able to take some nice photos as the film shown. 

Got back to the train station by bus and had dinner in Corner am Bahnhof, a restaurant nearby. Not tasting good at all. All the food was reheated but not cooked properly. But we had no choice as it was already 9p.m. Really not recommended even it was not expensive. (EUR42 in total)

Total expenses for 2 =HKD690 + EUR134
Breakfast @Gasthof Bergfried Hotel     /
Boat                                               EUR2.5 X2 =EUR5
Train                                               EUR19 X2 =EUR38
Salzburg card                                   EUR35 X2 =EUR70
Airbnb apartment                              HKD1380 /2 =HKD690 for 2 for 2 nights
Hohensalzburg Fortress                      pass (saved EUR11 /person for admission)
Hohensalzburg Fortress cable Railway  pass (saved EUR4 /person for admission)
Fortress Museum                               pass (saved EUR11 /person for admission)
Marionette Museum                           pass (saved EUR7.8 /person for admission)
Getreidegasse                                  /
Mozart’s birthplace                            pass (saved EUR10 /person for admission)
Makartsteg                                      /
Mirabell Garden                                /
Dinner @Corner am Bahnhof               EUR42 /2 =EUR21 for 2


  1. Salzburg in suny've got to be lucky.

  2. Yes I was! But it rained all the time when I was in Munich... Bad luck...