Saturday, December 07, 2013

Europe pre-wedding trip Day 6 (Hallstatt)


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @Gasthof Bergfried Hotel
Boat trip in the lake
Dinner @Gasthof Bergfried Hotel

Had a breakfast buffet at our hotel early in the morning. It's very hearty that they assigned tables for those who stay in the hotel. 

Went back to our room after breakdast and started to do our make up and hair do again. 

Of course our first shot today was in front of our hotel.

Then, in 5 minutes walk, we arrived at the lake side.

We wanted to take some more nice photos at the small pier. As it was not allowed to do so, we decided to rent a boat. Yes! A boat for pre-wedding photo shoot. (EUR25/ hour) Isn't it exciting?

We drove the boat along the shore so that we could have a close up with the houses along the hill. Later, we drove all the way to another side of the lake where there was a castle.

Gave myself a try. Driving a boat on my own. Once in a life time!

An hour later, we were back on ground. Took some funny shoots at the roundabout.

Some beautiful shops and view on the way to MarkPlatz.

There were not much people at MarkPlatz. But still the tourists were very curious on what we were doing.

Felt very tired after a long day and decided to have dinner at our hotel. It's nice that the staff there offered us free champagne as they knew that we would soon get married. Food there were good but with limited choices. (EUR35 altogether)

Did the wash up and slept very early this night as we all were too exhausted. 

Total expenses for 2 =EUR30
Breakfast @Gasthof Bergfried Hotel  /
Boat trip in the lake                       EUR25 /2 =EUR12.5 for 2
MarkPlatz                                     /
Dinner @Gasthof Bergfried Hotel     EUR35 /2 =EUR17.5

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