Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Europe pre-wedding trip Day 8 (Salzburg)


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @apartment
Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains
Salzach Cruise
Dinner @Alter Fuchs

It came to our second day in Salzburg. Finished our breakfast at the apartment and went to the bus terminal right away. 

As we mentioned that using Salzburg Card could minimize our expenses, it would be definitely a great deal to make use of it by planning our itinerary with the guide of 'free admission'. Actually there were a lot more to do holding the Salzburg Card. We could go to Stiegl - World of Brewing (EUR9, free admission with Salzburg Card) and Salzburg Zoo (EUR10, free admission with Salzburg Card) if we have enough time. But we did't and we only picked the ones we were interested in. And today we planned to visit Untersberg riding the cable car and Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains.

We took bus 25 and got off at the last station, where the Untersbergbahn was right next to the bus stop. We took a picture of the bus schedule so that we could fix a time getting to the Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains.

Untersberg (EUR21, free admission with Salzburg Card) is the highest mountain next to the city of Salzburg. Taking the spacious cable car, we could reach up to 1776m and watch the magnificant views of the Rositten Valley and the surrounding mountains.

There were supposed to be having a range of activities that people can do around the area like visiting the ice cave, skiing and snowboarding or even paragliding. As it was summer time, we didn't manage to see the snow covering the mountains. But still it didn't disappoint us. The view there was very impressive and breathtaking. Unfortunately, we did't do much hiking as we were not in appropriate gears.

Taking the bus back to the city, it dropped us at the Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountain (EUR10.5, free admission with Salzburg Card) on the way. This is one of the most exciting attractions recommended by bloggers online. The residence was built by the Salzburg's Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus von Hohenems at the foot of the well-watered Hellbrunn Mountain in 1612Water was the central theme in the palace's design. 

Before we could do our own sightseeing, we gotta join a tour with other visitors. As there were way too many visitors, we needa go for the one an hour later. Hence, we spent our time around the park and the tuck shop, having ice lollies as it was a bit hot.

Finally it came to our turn. It was quite fun listening to the history of this palace with water coming out from different directions which we could hardly expect. We were all having fun even though we got wet. 

Got back to another side of the city centre. Initially we planned to take Salzach Cruise(EUR14, free admission with Salzburg Card) 

Here's what the website mentioned:
The panorama speed boat "Amadeus Salzburg“ will afford passengers an extraordinary view of the city and its scenic environs. The cruise starts at the Makart Bridge in Salzburg's historic city center and continues on a leisurely 8-kilometer cruise along Salzburg's magnificent cityscape towards Hellbrunn with a view of the stunning mountain ranges in the Salzburg Province.

But you know, things always happen. We underestimated the attractiveness of the cruise. When we did the reservation, it was already full until the next day morning. We did't want to waste the tickets and did the redemption, trying to give away the tickets free to the tourists. But maybe it was quite odd to do this, no one was gonna pick our tickets. What a shame!

Finally it came to our last meal in Salzburg. We went to Alter Fuchs, a very famous restaurant serving traditional Austria food according to tripadvisor. The place was quite cozy. Again, we ordered a full table of dishes and only spent less than EUR40. (Can't quite remember the exact price but it was reasonable with quality food)

That's how we end our trip in Austria and would head to Munich, Germany the next day.

Total expenses for 2 =EUR26.4
Breakfast @apartment                   /
Bus                                            pass (saved as much as you take)
Untersberg                                  pass (saved EUR21 /person for admission)
Hellbrunn Palace & Trick Fountains  pass (saved EUR10.5 /person for admission)
Supermarket                                EUR12.8 /2 =EUR6.4
Dinner @Alter Fuchs                      EUR40 /2 =EUR20 for 2


  1. Untersberg seems like a great place to hike. Thanks for sharing!

    1. True! View there is absolutely stunning! That's ashame we were not in full gear hence not able to go for a long walk...