Saturday, January 04, 2014

Europe pre-wedding trip Day 11 (Munich)


Itinerary of today:
Lunch @Paulanla Im Tal
Tea @ Copa
Viktualien Markt 
Dinner @ Augustiner am dom
Night train to Paris

Here's our last day in Munich. Didn't think of much to do as most of the shops were not opened due some some reasons. (that were still unknown) 

Went to Rimowa with my friends again. Finally they got their lovely baby suitcase back home. See how happy they were! They took heaps of photos with it as if they met a super star... crazy!

It was our last meal together as my friends were going back to Hong Kong and we would continue our trip to Paris. Saw a nice restaurant Paulanla Im Tal after shopping and decided to have lunch there. The interior looked cozy but food there was not expensive at all. With 4 dishes and a bowl of soup, it's only EUR24.3 in total.

Separated with our friends and we still got a few hours before we needa head back to our hostel for the baggage. So we walked to Karlsplatz and took a look. There was a little cafe called Copa in the hidden lane. A tea set with appetizer, pasta and a cup of espresso only cost EUR6.9. So we had our afternoon tea there. The little cafe was like a small one run by a family. The own minded the details of everything. They even used a newspaper like table mat. Kinda special.

Made our way to Viktualien Markt. But it was a bit rainy and chilling. Not much stalls opened for their business.

We were too tired plus we couldn't stand for the cold weather, so we ate again! This time with another famous restaurant Augustiner am domActually we were not very hungry, but still couldn't resist the temptation of pork knuckle, which maybe our last chance to have that in our trip. With beer and tomato soup warming up my stomach. (EUR27.4) 

Booked the night train to Paris via RailEurope. We looked so forward to it as we booked the 1st class cabin with private bathroom in it. (EUR328 for 2, refunded later)

The service of DB bahn sucks. We had a bad time again looking for our cabin with our printed e-tickets. As we were not able to find ours, we seek help from the staff nearby. She couldn't speak good English and just pointed us to the 2nd class cabin. We asked for clarification but she was so rude speaking loudly and told us to stay without explaining to us. We had no choice but stayed.

Later, some other tourists came to the cart and told us 1st class cabin was not available and hence we had to stay here. The staff settled all the tourists down and passed a refund form to each of us.

The most ridiculous thing was that it was in German! No English form could be provided. Damn it! I spent quite a lot of time using google translate to understand how to fill in the form. (Frankly speaking, google was even more helpful then the staff) It didn't end with that. The staff said that we had to post them on our own! That really drove me crazy and I was on fire. Not our fault but we ended up doing all the refund on our own without help with this 'fantastic' service from your ground staff? DB bahn, you won! I gotta spend time again on this silly and non-sense stuff while I was doing my sightseeing in Paris. (More to come when I got back to Hong Kong, no refund until over 10 e-mails done by me again!)

Anyway, we had a bad experience sharing the washroom with over 12 people in the same cart, waiting at least an hour to get my face washed and teeth brushed. Hooray! That's how we ended our trip in Munich! What a wonderful night!

Total expenses for 2 =EUR212.9
Rimowa                               /
Lunch @Paulanla Im Tal         EUR24.3 /2 =EUR12.2
Karlsplatz                            /
Tea @ Copa                         EUR6.9 for 2
Viktualien Markt                    /
Pastry                                 EUR2.4
Dinner @ Augustiner am dom  EUR27.4 for 2
Night train to Paris                EUR328 for 2 (refunded EUR164)

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