Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hong Kong 1 day trip - Discovery Bay


Wanna go to Discovery Bay for long but had no excuse to visit there as it was quite far away. It came to my boyfriend's last single birthday in January. With me having a half day work, I decided to just having a nice dinner there by the seaside, where we could watch the fireworks of Disneyland from there together.

There are 2 ways to get to Discovery Bay, either by bus or ferry as taxi and cars are not allowed to get into the area. Finally, we chose taking bus from Sunny Bay to Discovery Bay. (HKD10/ person) The bus terminal is just right next to the Sunny Bay train station.

The bus took us to D'deck, in which most of the restaurants lie along the shore. There was a cute Chinese New Year decoration along the pier. The view was magnificent as well, so we took quite a few photos there.

Then, we made our way to our dinning place. I had made a reservation on the most popular restaurant ZAKS with birthday lava cake ordered in advance. We ordered a big glass of beer, caesar salad, nachos with grilled chicken and the signature pizza. (HKD570) All the dishes were massive and we didn't manage to finish them all. Don't forget to take the receipt as it can offer you free ferry tickets to Central.

Finally, it came to the birthday cake. It was quite hearty with the name printed on the dish. 

As we were both saving money for our wedding, I decided to surprise him with my handmade memory box. It took me quite a while to finish making it as I am not good at making handicrafts. 

As we always travel together, I got the idea that printing out all the photos of cities we visited before our wedding day, with dates and name of the places printed at the back. The Tiffany box was the one holding his first gift to me after we got together. It was meaningful though not expensive.

As I was already feeling tired after work, we were not able to wait for the fireworks form Disneyland. We took the free shuttle (FS) to DB North Plaza as there was a nice glass chapel built there. Took some photos and stayed for a while and headed back home to end our plain birthday celebration.

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