Saturday, February 01, 2014

Europe pre-wedding trip Day 15 (Paris)


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @apartment
Sacre- Coeur Montmartre
St- Pierre de Montmartre 
Les jetaime 
Place des Abbesses 
Le Moulin Rouge  
Tea @Café des 2 Moulins 
Supermarket Franprix  
Dinner @apartment 

It was the most relaxing day of our trip as we were gonna have our pre-wedding photo shoot the next day. Didn't want to get too tired before that. Slept in and slowly we made our own breakfast and sandwiches to eat on the go. 
We took the metro to Chateau Rouge (2 tickets) and made our way to Sacre- Coeur. It was a bit far though, but still there were quite a lot to see on the way. Have heard stories of pick-pocketing and everyone reminded me to mind the gypsies and the blacks. We really saw lots of those from the metro station and we started to get panic. Maybe it's a bit weird with Chinese people like us heading there on our own, many of them seemed to have curiosities from their eyes. We broke into a trot and rushed all the way until we thought we were safe. 

Finally, we managed to arrive from the rear of Sacre- Coeur. There was a hilarious street with shops selling food, souvenirs and paintings. 

Sacre- Coeur Montmartre is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Paris. It is a popular landmark located at highest point of the city Montmartre.

To go all the way up or down, there is a cable ride called Montmartre funicular, in which T+ metro tickets can be used instead of buying tickets there. But since we were going down the hill, we chose to walk the stairs. Actually there were not much to climb, it's just a piece of cake compared to the time we walked throughout the trip.

St- Pierre de Montmartre is just nearby but we didn't get in to have a look. 

According to the map, we were not far from the next place we wanna go. 

les jetaime (simply called the Love Wall) became a meeting place for lovers with over 311 written declarations in 250 different languages. Could feel love in the air. 

Place des Abbesses is just next to it with well decorated entrance and exit.

We were both starving by the time we reached Café des 2 Moulins. It takes its name from the two nearby historical windmills, Moulin Rouge and Moulin de la Galette. Wanna go to this cafe for long since I had watch the movie Amélie in 2001. The café has gained considerable fame in that as it was the workplace of the main character Amélie. Since then it becomes a popular tourist destination. 

We ordered 2 sets of lunch. (EUR29.6 in total) The fish was lovely, but another dish with too much herbs wasn't really my favourite. 

Taking 5 minutes walk down the street, we saw Le Moulin Rouge. It looked grand offering musical dance entertainment for visitors from around the world. Just took some snaps instead of buying tickets for the show as it was quite expensive.  

Metro station Blanche was nearby and we took the metro back to our apartment (2 tickets) to prepare our dinner for our guests. We went to supermarket Franprix to buy some more food for that. While I was cooking, Lawrence went to pick the lovely couple up from the metro station. It was magical knowing this couple from a competition, which took 4 of us to Paris for pre-wedding photo shoot! We were once enemies and now we are friends. What a complicated feeling to see each other in this circumstance!

We talked a lot about that for the whole night. We also talked about how the boys proposed and how were our preparations of the big day going. Sounds really interesting, right?

After they had gone, we had to catch up with our props for the photo shoot the next day. That's a model Eiffel Tower we bought from our Taichung trip. With the bouquet and our dolls ready, we immediately went to bed to get recharged for a long day tomorrow.

Total expenses for 2 =EUR53.6
Breakfast @apartment      /
Sacre- Coeur Montmartre   /
St- Pierre de Montmartre   /
Les jetaime                     /
Place des Abbesses          /
Le Moulin Rouge              /
Tea @Café des 2 Moulins  EUR29.6
Supermarket Franprix        EUR24
Dinner @apartment          /

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