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Europe pre-wedding trip Day 17 + 18 (Paris)

25/8/2013- 26/8/2013

Flight details 
1530 EK381 Paris to Dubai
0320 EK139 Dubai to Hong Kong

Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @apartment
Place de la Bastille
Marche Bastille
Roissy bus @Opera
Hong Kong

Did some online reserch and found that Marche Bastille opens on Thursday & Sunday only from 7a.m. to 2:30p.m. Even we slept at around 1a.m. after a serious wash up, (really hard to remove all those make-up and hair spray...) we still insisted to wake up early for Marche Bastille.

Planned to have breakfast in Marche Bastille, but seeing those leftover in our fridge, we made up our mind to cook them all instead. It was a rainy and chilly morning. We decided to walk all the way to Bastille from our apartment (20 minutes walk) but we found that we had made a wrong decision. Even we could take a look at all those interesting shops on the way, we couldn't stand with the cold weather. (I didn't even wear my jacket! Stupid me!) We saw a Starbucks and immediately got inside and bought a pastry and a cup of hot Mocha. (EUR6.5) Then we got pretty much warmer and continued with our long journey.

We were so thrilled when we first see the landmark of Place de la Bastille. (Hooray! Finally we got there!) Next to it was Marche Bastille. There were not much stalls opened for business. (maybe due to the weather) 

Many people said that eating oysters there is definitely a good choice coz they are fresh but relatively cheap. Other seafood were in good price as well! But we were in bad luck again! Oysters were not in season. There was few supply and the price went up, and most importantly, they were all sold out right before we arrived at the stall! 

Of course, having no oysters was absolutely a stain to us. So we spent all those money on buying other things like cheese (EUR14.5 for 0.6kg) and goose liver paste (EUR8/ can) for ourselves.

We took the metro back to our apartment (EUR1.7/ person) and packed all our baggage. The host came over and we passed the keys back to him. From that moment, I could really feel my trip was gonna end.

Took metro again to Opera Station (EUR1.7/ person) for the Roissy bus (EUR10/ person) to the airport. Got the boarding pass, posted our postcards and we still got some time for shopping. We saw Laduree and bought 2 macarons (rose & caramel) (EUR2.2 each) and ate them before we boarded. 

As it was in the afternoon time, our first meal on board was a bit of snacks and drinks. A few hours later came the dinner time. Then we arrived at Dubai at mid-night.

The transit time was quite ok. We only had an hour left after going through the custom. Not for long after we boarded again, we had our breakfast and then lunch. Didn't have much appetite as it should be time for us to sleep. Just felt they were too much for us even they were hot and tasty. (Please forgive about my messy look. After all, it's a longggggg flight for me! Provided that I didn't wanna get back to work, I looked even worse...)

Couldn't believe our 18-day trip ended so fast. Looking back over the last 18 days and it almost doesn't seem to be real. Still haven't make the most of the trip. When would be my next time to visit Europe again?

Total expeses for 2 =EUR96.8
Breakfast @apartment                    /
Breakfast @Starbucks                    EUR6.5 for 2
Place de la Bastille                        /
Cheese @Marche Bastille                EUR14.5
Goose liver paste @Marche Bastille  EUR8 X6 =EUR48
Metro tickets                                 EUR1.7 X2 =EUR3.4
Roissy bus @Opera                        EUR10 X2 =EUR20
Laduree macarons                          EUR2.2 X2 =EUR4.4

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