Friday, November 29, 2013

12 months, 12 trips, 12 different ways to expose yourself in different cities with the most suitable time

I am sure most tourist had the experience travelling to other countries in wrong time.  

I have been to Thailand in July and it rained all day long, Munich in early August with almost all shops closed (still have no idea for the reason), Macau in Chinese New Year with too people which made me hardly breath. 

But for each month there's a perfect city, and conversely each city can be best enjoyed in a specific month. Here’s a year-long guide to the when, where and why according to CNN in 2012. (I think it's still valid nowadays) 

January: Tromso or Kirkenes, Norway

Why: The chance to shorten your bucket list: specifically, to mark off the Northern Lights. 
Weather report: To quote Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” 
Who should avoid: Anyone dead-set on maintaining a year-round suntan.

February: Rio de Janeiro

Why: If you thought the Brazilians’ costumes were crazy during the Olympics, wait until you see them at Carnival in Rio. 
Weather report: Sunny and hot (average 32C/90F), perfect for the beach and revealing outfits. 
Who should avoid: Fundamentalists who believe women should stick to turtlenecks.

March: New Zealand

Why: Art, food, weather ... in addition to the year-round views. 
Weather report: Gorgeous, crisp days with averages in the low 20sC/low 70sF. 
Who should avoid: Squeamish eaters. Gollum and Sauron.

April: Phuket, Thailand

Why: Get a jump on your tan. 
Weather report: Monsoons don’t start until next month, so slather on the sunscreen and get comfortable. 
Who should avoid: The fun-averse.

May: Tokyo

Why: Cherry blossom photos minus other tourists’ backs and heads. 
Weather report: With summer's crippling humidity still a month or so away, gardens and blossoms are at their height and temperatures in the low 20sC/low 70sF. 
Who should avoid: Travelers who enjoy being lost in crowds.

June: Seoul

Why: To perfect your golf swing. 
Weather report: Mild temperatures and lots of camellias and azaleas. 
Who should avoid: Cheapskates. South Korea’s fancy new golf courses require large membership fees.

July: Tanzania and Kenya

Why: To experience the Great Migration, when thousands of wildebeest and zebras move across the sun-dried landscape of the Serengeti. 
Weather report: Dry with pleasant temps, average high of 28C/82F. 
Who should avoid: City dwellers who hate the outdoors and/or camping.

August: Quebec City 

Why: While it’s roasting in the rest of the northern hemisphere, this 400-year-old city with cobblestone streets, eclectic cafĂ© culture and nonstop entertainment rings in with perfect temps. 
Weather report: Mostly sunny with an average 25C/77F. 
Who should avoid: Tightwads who dislike tipping -- street performers on every corner pass hats.

September: Cape Town, South Africa 

Why: It's naturally beautiful throughout the year, but Cape Town is in prime spring form with flowers sprouting everywhere. 
Weather report: Temps pleasant with cool evenings. 
Who should avoid: Claritin addicts. 

October: Munich 

Why: The ultimate party Oktoberfest (6 million takers per year) is in full swing. 
Weather report: Temperatures are crisp and cool (about 16C/60F) and Bavaria’s mountains are in their full autumn glory. 
Who should avoid: Enochlophobics

November: Sydney

Why: With more than 50 beaches (that’s just those in the city limits) and 300 days of sunshine, there’s no such thing as a bad time to visit this city. 
Weather report: Beach weather (mid-20s/mid-70s) without the crowds. 
Who should avoid: People without sunscreen.  

December: London

Why: Carolers, light displays, ice skating and choirs at Westminster Abbey make this the quintessential place to celebrate Christmas. Not to mention that massive bargains and sales take center stage right after Boxing Day. 
Weather report: Cold, wet days are perfect for sipping mulled wine in front of cozy, wood-burning fireplaces. 
Who should avoid: Anyone who uses words like “bah” and “humbug.”

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