Saturday, November 16, 2013

Europe pre-wedding trip Day 2 (Cesky Krumlov)


Itinerary of today:
David's Apartment
Cesky Krumlov
Pension Merlin
lunch @KRCMA
Church of St Vitus
Nam Svornosti Square
The State Castle
Castle Garden
Dinner @apartment 

Woke up really early in the morning at around 6a.m. and all of us started to do our wash up pack our baggage and have our simple breakfast.

Then we left our apartment. As it was too early, we didn't need to check-out. Instead, we just dropped the key in the mail box of the office.
See how small the lift was!

Took the metro to Andel Station (24 kc/ person), waiting for the coach at the station we found last night. 
The coach departed at around 8a.m. There were many tourists heading to CK. It was fully boarded. As we did online reservation on Student Agency's website (EUR$7.3/ person), we simply showed the e-tickets to the staff, placed our baggage at the bottom and off the way we could board according to our seat numbers. It took us 3 hours to get to CK from Prague. The coach was quite clean and there was on board free drink served by the staff. I had read some bloggers saying that there would be Wifi on board, but after asking the staff it was said that Wifi coach would be run by chance, just see if you have luck. A bit disappointed though.
Upon our arrival, we saw a little white building like this. 
Walked down the road and there was a map. It was very easy to get to the town centre. We looked for our pension immediately. 
As we booked too late (actually we booked half an year in advance!), we were not able to live together within our budget due to the drawback of peak season. So we decided to book a 2-person apartment in Pension Merlin (750 kc/ night), and at the same time a double room in Hostel Merlin(500 kc/ night) Actually they are run by the same person and just 3 minutes away from each other.

Apartment in Pension Merlin was quite big. We were very happy about it as it provided enough room for us to get dressed for pre-wedding photo shoot the next day. With the mini kitchen, we could cook ourselves as well. (Actually it was quite cheap eating there and most of the time we didn't want to cook in Czech even we got a kitchen! That was unexpected!)

However, the condition in Hostel Merlin was not so good. With shared bathroom and tiny room (only enough for sleeping, we even needed to unpack our baggage in the common area!), most of the time we stayed in the apartment.

We went straight to KRCMA for lunch. It was a very famous restaurant with grilled pork knuckles, ribs and skewers. Every dish looked massive. As I mentioned before, eating here in Czech is really cheap! We could indulge in trying all kinds of food without worrying about our wallet! We ordered a full table of quality dishes and it only cost us 800 kc in total! 

It was back to the touristy things in the little town with energy after lunch. We were all looking for places for the photo shoot the next day. As a UNESCO world heritage, it didn't disappoint us with details in every single street. Buildings there were special. All attractions were in walking distance. It was really good for those inexperienced people taking pre-wedding photos like us.
Nam Svornosti Square

 garden near  the square where you can get a nice view with the tower

Then we visited the State Castle. (50 kc/ person) Actually it is the highest point of CK as I could see from anywhere around the town.  

On the way to the Castle

Guard Bear at the gate

breathtaking view from Castle Tower

Castle Garden

Went down the castle and tried the most famous local snack in town. (50kc) Kinda of like donuts but it's thinner and longer. 

Then saw an interesting restaurant with 'designer chairs'.

As we ate way too much meat these few days, we decided to go to the market, buying some veggies and at the same time shopping for breakfast for the next day. (less than 200kc in total) We cooked a big plate of veggies and made tomato soup for the dinner as we were still stuffed by our big lunch.

Feeling satisfied after a vegetarian dinner! Hung up all our gowns and suits. Gotta sleep early and got ready for the next day.

Total expenses for 2 =1948kc + EUR14.6
Breakfast @David's Apartment  /
Metro                                    24kc X2 =48kc
Coach                                   EUR7.3 X2 =EUR14.6
Pension Merlin                        2500kc /2 =1250kc for 2 for 2 nights
Lunch @KRCMA                        800kc /2 =400kc for 2
Church of St Vitus                   /
Nam Svornosti Square              /
The State Castle                     50kc X2 =100kc
Local donut snack                    50kc
Castle Garden                         /
Dinner @apartment                  200kc /2 =100kc for 2

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