Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Europe pre-wedding trip Day 4 (Vienna)


Itinerary of today:
Pension Merlin
Wombats City Hostel Vienna- The Base
Lunch @Kebap Pizza Palace
Hundertwasserhaus House
Hofburg Palace 
Dinner @Weinerwald Restaurant

Booked CK Shuttle (800kc/ person) and it picked us up right at our hostel. Could spend more time sleeping. Still got some kc and gotta spend all of them. Bought 2 cakes (30kc each) for breakfast. (Too early and there was only one shop near our hostel opened) The van was very clean and cozy. We were able to take a nap on the way.

After 3 hours of travel, we finally arrived at Wien Westbahnhof. As it was not a hotel-to-hotel service, we needa walk 15 minutes to our hostel Wombats City Hostel Vienna- The Base. (EUR20/ person) This time we booked a 4-bed mixed ensuite with private bathroom. At last we found out that it was not a good idea since waiting for each other taking shower and cleaning up in the morning was a nightmare. A merit for this hostel is that it is really close to the train station where we had to catch our train early in the morning the next day. It was quite clean and hip. The staff were friendly as well. I would definitely regret if I chose another one. 

We dropped our baggage in the hostel storeroom as it was still not time to check-in our dormitory. We made our way down to the metro station, but were too hungry after the walk. Seeing Kebab Pizza Palace ,we just had our lunch there.

pizza (EUR6) chicken cutlet (EUR3.9)

To go to Hundertwasserhaus House, we had to take the metro from Wien Westbahnhof to Wien Mitte. (EUR1.8/ person) 

Then it took a little bit of walk to get there. There were already some street arts on the way to Hundertwasserhaus House. 

The house was designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who studied in Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. And now there are 50 flats, doctor’s practice, coffee shop and 37 car parking spaces in this building. Kalke Village is just opposite it selling souvenirs. At the same time you can explore an extensive art collections there. 

The paid washroom was cute, but I didn't want to pay for a pee and left~ Haha~

Then we headed to Stephansplatz. We had gelato (EUR3 for 3 scoops) and saw a beautiful florist stand. 

Stephansplatz is the major tourist attraction in Vienna. It was crowded with tourists. There were many horse carriage next to it. Many people hopped on and off for tour around the city.

Vienna is named the city of music. There were heaps of street performance.

Hofburg Palace was just 10 minutes walk away. We passed by a cake shop Demel and had afternoon tea there. (around EUR10 for 2) Seemed like it was famous as well. 

It rained heavily all in a sudden. We stayed in the shelter for almost half an hour doing nothing. Raining is really one of the things I hate most while travelling.

As we were feeling hungry, we decided to eat nearby. We found Weinerwald Restaurant and it was busy serving a large group of tourists. We ordered a big meal with chicken, fries, salad and potatoes to share. (EUR39) Actually it didn't taste quite good. 

Got back to the hostel and got the room key. Our room was tidy with lockers, tables and chairs.

Took the vouchers given by the staff this morning. We got welcome drinks as well. We didn't drink much though. Quickly went wash up and slept right away.

Didn't managed to visit Musikverein for Mozart Orchestra. My friend did watch the show there last time and highly recommended it to me. It was ashamed that we didn't spend much time in Vienna. 

Would be moving to Hallstatt - our dream place for another pre-wedding photo shoot the next day.

Total expenses for 2 =1660kc + EUR77.5
CK shuttle to Vienna                            800kc X2 =1600kc
Breakfast @cakes                                30kc X2 =60kc
Wombats City Hostel Vienna- The Base  EUR20 X2 =EUR40
Lunch @@Kebap Pizza Palace                EUR10 /2 =EUR5
Hundertwasserhaus House                     /
Gelato                                                EUR3
Stephansplatz                                      /
Tea @Demel                                        EUR10 for 2
Hofburg Palace                                     /
Dinner @Weinerwald Restaurant             EUR39 /2 =EUR19.5 for 2


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