Saturday, November 02, 2013

Europe pre-wedding trip Day 0 (Prague)


Winning a competition from a photography vendor is definitely a good chance for my boyfriend and I to explore Europe, in which we longed for a lifetime.We had a really great time even we made it budget.Really wanna record where we visited, what we did, what we ate and who we met in our trip. It must be fun if I read my blogs again with our children some years later.

Flight details (HKD8548/ person)
0035 EK381 Hong Kong to Dubai
0905 EK139 Dubai to Prague

Our pre-wedding photo shoot would be done on the last day of the trip. It would be a nightmare if I didn't take care of my skin well. Brought heaps of facial masks to keep my skin in  good condition.

And thanks my little sis helping me to polish my nails (but they didn't stay until the pre-wedding day as our trip was too harsh lol)
This was an important trip to us and I planned in details like half a year ahead. But you know, things always happened. We were supposed to be taking the flight at midnight on 8/8 and should be arriving the airport on 7/8 at night. But I didn't know why I was so careless and always reminded myself going to the airport on 8/8 night... Of course we missed the flight at last and gotta pay extra HKD6000 each to reschedule our flight... Seriously, it's better than none as we booked all the accommodations.

Couldn't let our bad luck and bad mood ruin our trip. Life must go on. 

There was nothing to complain about Emirates. The seats were comfy. The meals tasted good. The service was fantastic. It was quite an enjoyable long haul flight. No wonder it can stay in top 10 among the airlines over the world. A few movies from the personal entertainment system and a couple of naps later, we reached Dubai Airport. 

We needa wait for the transit in Dubai for around 4 hours. Luckily there were heaps to see at the airport. There was free wifi as well. We spent most of the time surfing the Internet. Actually free shower was provided. If you wanna refresh yourself after a long flight, it should be a good idea. Unfortunately, our toiletries were packed in our baggage, or else we would take a shower there. 

It was time to fly again. Had a big feast and slept again for a while and arrived at Prague in around 4 hours. 

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