Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trip to Tokyo day 5


Itinerary of today:
Tsukiji 築地
Senso- ji 淺草觀音寺
Asakusa-nakamise 仲見世通
Hotel Horidome Villa
the Romancecar 
一之湯 Hotspring Hotel

Woke up early in the morning coz we gotta go to Tsukiji (築地) for sushi. It was just 15 minutes away from our hotel by train to Tsukiji Station (築地駅). Quite convenient.
Tsukiji 築地

玉子燒 from 大定 (100 Yen)

queued up for more than 30 minutes for 大和壽司

set meal (3500 Yen) really fresh!

such a great seafood market!

a famous Ramen shop, standing only, interesting

pork Ramen (1,200 Yen)

Then walked 15 minutes to Higashiginza Station (東銀座駅) and took another train to Asakusa Station (淺草駅).


100 Yen for a blessing

tide your paper here if you got an unlucky one

so many shops in 仲見世通
this Japanese wine is absolutely great under cold weather

Headed back to hotel to take our luggage coz we gonna catch the Romancecar to Hakone. Did lots of research from this website. Very useful! 

After half an hour train, we arrived at Shinjuku Station (新宿駅). We bought a 3-day Hakone pass (5500 Yen). It included all the transportation and discount for some tourist attractions. But if you wanna take the Romancecar, you gotta pay 870 Yen more. Reasonable coz it was an hour faster than taking a normal train. I sent an e-mail to reserve 2 observatory seats. The view was fantastic!
the Romancecar looked so modern

view from obervatory seats

3.6 milk

light refreshment on the train (400 Yen)

Arrived at Odawara Station (小田原駅) at around 6:30pm. Took a bus to hotel. Got off at 塔之沢. Our hotel 一之湯 was just within 5 minutes walk. We booked 2 nights there from the official website directly and altogether it costed HKD6,500 including  the stay, one Japanese tranditional style dinner and 2 breakfasts. A bit expensive coz it was during Christmas holiday. But I think it worths as it was spacious, cozy and convenient. There was a private hotspring inside our room as well!

at reception

a place where people can gather and have a cup of tea

small balcony

private hotspring in our room

sitting room + sleeping area


can make our own tea anytime

welcome refreshment

Unlike Tokyo, this little town was not as hectic as there and shops and restaurants closed early in Hakone. We just bought some snacks and cup noodles from 7-11 for dinner. Enjoyed the public bath and private hotspring as well. Spent a relaxing night there.

Total expenses for 2 =HKD6500 + 18440yen
Tsukiji 築地                        /
大定玉子燒                         100 yen 
大和壽司                            3500 yen for 2
Pork Ramen                       1200 yen for 2
Senso- ji 淺草觀音寺             /
Temple                             100 yen X2 =200 yen
Asakusa-nakamise 仲見世通  /
3-day Hakone pass             5500 yen X2 =11000 yen
the Romancecar                 870 yen X2 =1740 yen
Sandwich + milk                 700 yen
Hakone                              /
一之湯 Hotspring Hotel         HKD6500 for 2 nights

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