Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trip to Tokyo day 6


Itinerary of today:
一之湯 Hotspring Hotel
Hakone-jinja 箱根神社
Cruise 海賊船
Hakone Ropeway 箱根空中纜車

Hakone-tozan 箱根登山纜車
Gora Park 強羅公園
Premium outlet 御殿場

Woke up at 8am and enjoyed an excellent breakfast in the hotel.
big feast early in the morning

where we had our breakfast

view form the restaurant

We took 45 minutes bus to Hakone-jinja 箱根神社. The weather was nice. Took many nice photos on that day.

Walked to the harbour and wanna take the cruise 海賊船 from 元箱根港 to 桃源台港. But we missed our cruise and the next one departed an hour later. So we hanged around and bought some souvenirs. There were many interesting shops nearby.

Finally got on 海賊船 (Free with Hakone pass). Enjoyed the view around the Japan's highest fresh water lake. We saw Mt Fuji from the cruise as well!

Rode on Hakone Ropeway 箱根空中纜車 from 桃源  to 谷駅 (Free with Hakone pass).

Hello Kitty special

famous black eggs (500 Yen/ 4 eggs)

hot green tea (250 Yen)

it was full of the smell of sulphur

Mt Fuji

Took the cable car again and interchanged at 早雲山駅 for Hakone-tozan 箱根登山纜車 (Free with Hakone pass). Got off at 強羅駅.

felt hungry on the way and went to a homey restaurant (600 Yen)

beautiful Gora Park (強羅公園)

Planned to visit 箱根玻璃之森 and 小王子美術館 but gave up coz we didn't have enough time as they closed at 5:30pm and 6:00pm. Ended up visiting the premium outlet 御殿場. Unexpected shopping and got a purse and a coins bag from Coach as it was on sale with attractive price. Headed back to our hotel for a big dinner which we were longing for.
They only costed HKD1500 in total from the outlet

shabu shabu and sashimi

side dish

side dish

yummy dessert

Stayed in our room packing our baggage coz we were gonna leave the next day.
didn't do much shopping but here were the things we bought

enjoyed our last night with hotspring and beer

Total expenses for 2 =27550yen
Breakfast @hotel                   /
Hakone-jinja 箱根神社             /
Cruise 海賊船                         pass (saved 1840 yen /person)
元箱根港                                /
桃源台港                                /
Hakone Ropeway 箱根空中纜車  pass (saved 1880 yen /person)
Eggs                                    500 yen
Drink                                    250 yen
Hakone-tozan 箱根登山纜車       pass (saved 360 yen /person)
Lunch                                   600 yen for 2
Gora Park 強羅公園                  pass (saved 550 yen /person)
Premium outlet 御殿場             25000 yen
Dinner @hotel                        /
Snacks and drinks                  1200 yen

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