Saturday, January 07, 2012

Trip to Tokyo day 4


Itinerary of today:
Hotel Horidome Villa
Yokohama 橫浜
Cup Noodles Museum
Red Brick Warehouse 紅磚倉庫
Ginza 銀座
Odaiba 台場海濱公園
Tokyo Tower

Visited 橫浜 with Chie. It took about an hour from Kanda Station (神田駅) to Yokohama Station (橫浜駅). Went to Cup Noodles Museum first (500 Yen).
Noodles all over the world

Tried noodles from different countries (1050 Yen)

The invention of instant noodles

a craft that I like in the museum

cup noodles' wall

a centre teaching kids to make noodles

Making our own cup noodles (700 Yen)

finished products

went for packing
nice bag

Red Brick Warehouse (紅磚倉庫)


Left there and spent an hour again taking train to Ginza 銀座.
deep fried potato (350 Yen)

bought some snacks from Muji (880 Yen)

木村家 red bean buns (500 Yen)

snap shot on the street

An hour train to  Odaiba Station (台場海濱公園駅) for the fireworks interchanged at Shiodome Station (汐留駅).
fireworks display at 彩虹橋


decided to have a bit snacks (550 Yen) and had dinner outside coz it was too crowded after fireworks display

Headed to Akabanebashi Station (赤羽橋駅) for the Tokyo Tower. Then back to hotel and had a late dinner nearby.
Tokyo Tower

a park near Tokyo Tower

dinner (650 Yen)

dinner (700 Yen)

very fresh ans sweet strawberries from 百果園 (2000 Yen for 2 packs)

Total expenses for 2 =9280 yen
Cup Noodles Museum             500 yen X2 =1000 yen
Breakfast                             1050 yen for 2
Cup noodles                          700 yen X2 =1400 yen
Red Brick Warehouse 紅磚倉庫  /
Ginza 銀座                             /
Deep fried potatoe                350 yen
Muji snacks and drinks           880 yen
木村家                                  500 yen
Odaiba 台場海濱公園                /
Snacks                                 550 yen
Tokyo Tower                         /
Dinner                                 1350 yen for 2
百果園                                  2200 yen

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