Saturday, January 28, 2012

Guangzhou with family at Chinese New Year Day 1


Joined a tour by Miramar Travel to Guangzhou with my family during Chinese New Year. The price went up to almost HKD3,500/ person in this period. Really crazy!
So we got there early in the morning by coach from Prince Edward. After several hours of travelling, we arrived at the first tourist attraction 松山湖. It is just like an Eco Park with nothing else to do...
little train

Next, we visited another park for a so call famous place for students academic performance.
that's 陽原石, the tour guide said if you touch it you will study better

a place for lunch, only simple food which is not worth to mention

a nice park outside the restaurant

Headed to Sofitel, a nice hotel we stayed on the first day. One of the reasons why I chose this tour was great hotels. Enormous and comfortable room with nice bath tub.

Because it was still too early, we walked around and took a look at the hotel facilities.

spa centre

at the lobby

at the garden

at the swimming pool

Then went for dinner after some rest. Nothing special again. But much better then what we had for lunch.

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