Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trip to Malaysia - budget summary

Day 1
Hong Kong>> Penang>> Tune Hotel

Total expenses for 2 =HKD3780 + MYR41
Flight tickets  HKD1590 X2 =HKD3180
Taxi              MYR25
Tune Hotel    HKD600/ 4 nights
Supper          MYR8 X2 =MYR16

Day 2
Tune Hotel>> Old Town Cafe>> Kek Lok Si Temple>> Penang Hill>> Gurney Drive

Total expenses for 2 =MYR215.6
Old Town Cafe             MYR9.8 X2 =MYR19.6
Kek Lok Si Temple       MYR2 X2 =MYR4
Penang Hill                  MYR30 X2 =MYR60
Dinner @Gurney Drive  MYR120
Bus                             MYR2 X6 =MYR12

Day 3
Tune Hotel>> Kaptain Keling Mosque>> Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi>> St Geroge Church>> Penang Museum>> Cathedral of the Assumption>> Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion>> City Hall>> WWI Memorial>> Chew Jetty

Total expenses for 2 =MYR193
Breakfast @Local food stall    MYR18
Kaptain Keling Mosque           /
Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi  MYR5 X2 =MYR10
Lunch @Indian restaurant      MYR18
St Geroge Church                  /
Penang Museum                    MYR1 X2 =MYR2
Cathedral of the Assumption  /
Tea @Local food stall             MYR8
Tea @Local food stall             MYR18
Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion       MYR12 X2 =MYR24
City Hall                               /
WWI Memorial                      /
Tea @Chew Jetty                  MYR45
Dinner @Chew Jetty              MYR50

Day 4
Tune Hotel>> Masjid Terapung>> Batu Ferringhi Beach>> Hard Rock Hotel>> The Ship

Total expenses for 2 =MYR236
Breakfast @Local food stall  MYR26
Masjid Terapung                 /
Lunch @Tea house              MYR45
Batu Ferringhi Beach           /
Durian                               MYR15
Hard Rock Hotel                 /
Dinner @The Ship               MYR150

Day 5
Penang>> KL>> Star Points Hotel>> Old Town Cafe>> China Town

Total expenses for 2 =HKD1100 + MYR107.4
Bus                              MYR2.7 X2 =MYR5.4
Flight ticktes                 HKD100 X2 =HKD200
Star Points Hotel           HKD900/ 3 nights
Lunch @Old Town Cafe  MYR11 X2 =MYR22
Dinner 2China Town      /
Pub                              MYR80

Day 6
Star Points Hotel>> The Snow World>> Victoria Station>> Twin Tower

Total expenses for 2 =MYR151.6
Breakfast @Local food stall  MYR25
Genting Express                 MYR8.3 X2 =MYR16.6
The Snow World                 MYR20 X2 =MYR40
Dinner @Victoria Station     MYR70
Twin Tower                        /

Day 7
Star Points Hotel>> Colmar Tropicale>> 十號胡同>> Janlan Alor

Total expenses for 2 =MYR179
Colmar Tropicale      MYR55
Lunch                      MYR40
Dinner @十號胡同      MYR40
Dinner @Janlan Alor  MYR44

Day 8
Star Points Hotel>> Lake Garden>> Central Market>> 新九如>> Old China Cafe>> Melaka>> Hallmark Inn>> Dutch Square>> Jonker Street>> Nadeje Patisserie

Total expenses for 2 =HKD600 + MYR173.6
Breakfast @Old Town Coffee  MYR22
Lake Garden                         /
Fish Spa @Central Market      MYR10 X2 =MYR20
Lunch @新九如                      MYR12 X2 =MYR24
Tea @Old China                    MYR25                             
Coach to Melaka                   MYR12.3 X2 =MYR24.6
Hallmark Inn                        HKD600 /2 nights
Dutch Square                       /
Dinner @Jonker Street          MYR35
Nadeje Patisserie                  MYR23

Day 9
Hallmark Inn>> The Studthys>> Democratic Government Museum>> St Paul’s Church>> Istana Ke Sultanan>> 和記 chicken rice balls>> 福建會館>> Geographier>> The Orangutan House>> Little Eyes on Melaka

Total expenses for 2 =MYR106
Breakfast @Hallmark Inn              /
The Studthys                               MYR5 X2 =MYR10
Democratic Government Museum  /
St Paul’s Church                           /
Istana Ke Sultanan                       MYR2 X2 =MYR4
和記 chicken rice balls                   MYR42
福建會館                                       /
Geographier Cafe                         /
The Orangutan House                   /
Dinner @hotpot                           MYR50 
Little Eyes on Melaka                    /

Day 10
Hallmark Inn>> Maritime Museum>> 中華茶室>> Eha>> Hong Kong

Total expenses for 2 =MYR33

Breakfast @Hallmark Inn  /
Maritime Museum            MYR3 X2 =MYR6
中華茶室                          MYR22
Eha                                MYR5

Spent altogether HKD5480 + MYR1436.2 , meaning around HKD4600/ person for 10 days. That's pretty cheap travelling in Malaysia!

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