Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trip to Malaysia Day 8, 2nd & 3rd stops - KL & Melaka


Itinerary of today:
Star Points Hotel
Lake Garden
Central Market
Old China
Hallmark Inn
Dutch Square
Jonker Street
Nadeje Patisserie

Last day in KL and we just had a city tour on our own by walking. Breakfast in the old town Cafe with Keyang toast and half cooked egg with pepper. (MYR22) Took a train to KL Sentral Station.

Lake Garden

Fish spa at Central Market (MYR10)

Beef noodles at 新九如, must try! (MYR12)

Coconut milk with rice at Old China Cafe (RM25)

An old railway station

All the places and restaurant were easy to reach by walking. So didn't travel by vehicles or train much today. Left KL for Melaka, a place where I dreamed to go! For me, KL is not my cup of tea. It's just too modern and I couldn't have a taste of Malaysian culture. Spending 1 or 2 days there was enough.

We took a taxi to Puduraya Station to take a coach to Melaka Sentral (MYR12.3). The coach was quite comfortable. It took around 2 hours from KL to Melaka.

Settled down in Hallmark Inn. It was close to the city centre. Only 5 minutes walk to Dutch Square. Spacious room but the bathroom was going wrong. Our room had no bath tub. There was even no shower curtain. Everything including the toilet got wet after bathing. Anyway, the price was reasonable costing only HKD300/ night with breakfast included.

Walked around and enjoyed the night view of this little town. I like this town coz it was with a western flavour but at the same time, got something about Malaysian traditional culture.  

It was late when we arrived Melaka. Almost all the restaurants were closed. So we had dinner in this restaurant in Jonker Street. (MYR35 for all)

Had some dessert in Nadeje Patisserie after dinner. (MYR23) Headed back to hotel early since there was no night life there at all. What a relaxing town. Love it!

Total expenses for 2 =HKD600 + MYR173.6
Breakfast @Old Town Coffee  MYR22
Lake Garden                         /
Fish Spa @Central Market      MYR10 X2 =MYR20
Lunch @新九如                      MYR12 X2 =MYR24
Tea @Old China                    MYR25                             
Coach to Melaka                   MYR12.3 X2 =MYR24.6
Hallmark Inn                        HKD600 /2 nights
Dutch Square                       /
Dinner @Jonker Street          MYR35
Nadeje Patisserie                  MYR23

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