Saturday, September 03, 2011

Trip to Malaysia Day 5, 2nd stop - KL


Itinerary of today:
Star Points Hotel
Old Town Cafe
China Town

Checked out Tune Hotel and headed to the airport by bus 401E at Komtar (MYR2.7). Took a short flight from Penang to KL which costs less than HKD100. One thing that I don't like taking a short flight is that, the waiting time is even longer then the flying time... Gotta go to the airport 2 hours  in advance...

Flight schedule: 
1530- 1655 Penang to Kuala Lumpur

Booked Star Points Hotel near Bandaraya Station. Costed around HKD300/ night.

Didn't check the location carefully. Tough it was cheap, it was in the Indian Community. We definitely don't like the smell of it...

Felt so hungry and had a quick meal in the Old Town Cafe. The noodles were delicious. (MYR11)

Then met Lawrence's friends in KL. Went straight to China Town for a delightful dinner. It was a famous restaurant but I can't remember it's name... (Yenny's treat)

Went to a pub to have a drink with them. Then they drove us home. Nice to meet them. (MYR80)

Total expenses for 2 =HKD1100 + MYR107.4
Bus                              MYR2.7 X2 =MYR5.4
Flight ticktes                 HKD100 X2 =HKD200
Star Points Hotel           HKD900/ 3 nights
Lunch @Old Town Cafe  MYR11 X2 =MYR22
Dinner 2China Town      /
Pub                              MYR80

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