Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trip to Malaysia Day 4, 1st stop - Penang


Itinerary of today:
Tune Hotel
Masjid Terapung
Batu Ferringhi Beach
Hard Rock Hotel
The Ship

Last day in Penang, a good breakfast for a good morning.
MYR26 in total

Then we took bus 104 for around 25 minutes  to Masjid Terapung. That's temple again! Quite like this temple. Got a giant Sleeping Buddha there. All the things were huge there. Nice for photo shooting!

There was a shopping mall nearby. After an exhausting walk under the hot weather, we decided to enjoy our lunch in a cozy tea house. (MYR45)

We continued our journey to Batu Ferringhi Beach by bus 101 for 15 minutes. Sounds nice from the travel book but actually nothing tho see. Just took a few photos there then waited for a bus to another place. We waited for a long time but there was no bus! Even local people didn't know the schedule of it. At last we decided to walk... One tiny little thing which made us feel happy was having some durian on the way.

Durian MYR15

Arrived Hard Rock Hotel after an hour. Heard form my friend that anyone can spend a day enjoying the pool and beach even if you are not a guest living there. So just had a try.

Walked 15 minutes and arrived at The Ship for dinner. The theme of this restaurant was very obvious. The food there was marvelous! We ordered oysters, snails and a set dinner with onion soup, steak with chips, lemon tea and cheesecake. (around MYR150) There was a gift whenever you order a set dinner. Highly recommend this restaurant!

Overall, Penang is a really good place to visit. You can find many free entertainment. Even if there were entrance fees for some tourists spots (which are only few places), they don't cost you much. Would definitely return again and visit Langawi at the same time.

Total expenses for 2 =MYR236
Breakfast @Local food stall  MYR26
Masjid Terapung                 /
Lunch @Tea house              MYR45
Batu Ferringhi Beach           /
Durian                               MYR15
Hard Rock Hotel                 /
Dinner @The Ship               MYR150

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