Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trip to Malaysia,Day 1 - 1st stop - Penang


Flight schedule: (Airasia HKD1590/ person)
1955 - 2330 Hong Kong to Penang
1640 - 2035 Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong

Itinerary of today:
Hong Kong
Tune Hotel

Bought cheap air tickets from Airasia again. Took a night flight to Penang in only HKD740/ person with taxes included during promotion period. Booked another flight ticket from KL back to Hong Kong costed only HKD850/ personAs it was late at night, we took a taxi straight to our hotel. It costed MYR25.

We stayed in a budget hotel called Tune Hotel. The price was really attractive with only around HKD150/ night via airasia go. Though we gotta pay extra for air-conditioning, it was still a superb price!
clean bathroom with seperarted shower

comfy bed

Very convenient with some small food stalls nearby. Old Town Cafe was just around the corner where we could get free wifi.
our supper @ 1am (MYR16)

Total expenses for 2 =HKD3780 + MYR41
Flight tickets  HKD1590 X2 =HKD3180
Taxi              MYR25
Tune Hotel    HKD600/ 4 nights
Supper          MYR8 X2 =MYR16

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