Saturday, November 05, 2011

Hong Kong 1 day trip - Tap Mun


Grass Island is a place not has been developed yet. You can feel like you are very much closer to the nature there. It was my second time going there. The most convenient way to get there is taking a train to University Station, then walk 10 minutes to Ma Liu Shui Pier and got a ferry (HKD28) to Tap Mun.
ferry tickets


Tin Hau Temple

gotta walk 15 minutes to the hill top

bought a tent with us

picnic time

played card games

flew kites

spectacular view

spent the whole afternoon there and was ready to go

waiting for the ferry

enjoyed sunset at the pier

Went to Fo Tan Station for Dai Pai Don. the food there was yummy. Chicken porridge was the signature dish in this food stall. Must try! It didn't cost much with each person at around HKD80, very reasonable price.

were busy eating

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