Saturday, December 17, 2011

Trip to Tokyo - preparation

Flight schedule: 
0725 - 0950 MU726 Hong Kong to Shanghai
1200 - 1525 MU521 Shanghai to Tokyo
1655 - 1905 MU522 Tokyo to Shanghai
2110 - 2335 MU725 Shanghai to Hong Kong

Day 1
Hong Kong>> Shanghai>> Tokyo àHotel Horidome Villa>> Harajuku (原宿)>> Omotesandō (表參道)

Day 2
Hotel Horidome Villa>> Tokyo Disneyland 

Day 3
Hotel Horidome Villa>> Sanrio Puroland>> Shinjuku (新宿)

Day 4
Hotel Horidome Villa>> Yokohama (橫浜)>> Cup Noodles Museum>> Red Brick Warehouse (紅磚倉庫)>> Ginza (銀座)>> Odaiba (台場海濱公園)>> Tokyo Tower>> 百果園

Day 5
Tsukiji Station (築地)>> Senso- ji (淺草觀音寺)>> Asakusa-nakamise (仲見世通)>> Hotel Horidome Villa>> the Romancecar>> Hakone>> 一之湯 Hotspring Hotel

Day 6
一之湯 Hotspring Hotel>> Hakone-jinja (箱根神社)>> Cruise (海賊船)>> 元箱根港>> 桃源台港>> Hakone Ropeway (箱根空中纜車)>> 大>> Hakone-tozan (箱根登山纜車)>> Gora Park (強羅公園)>> Premium outlet (御殿場)

Day 7
一之湯 Hotspring Hotel>> 湯本手信街>> Shinjuku (新宿)>> NEX to the airport

Planned to use HKD15,000 each for 7 days in total including flight tickets, accommodation, transportation and all meals. Can't wait for our 1st trip to the exciting city in Japan!

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