Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trip to Tokyo day 1


Got a cheap air ticket from Priceline. China Eastern Airline for HKD2600 with taxes included. Gotta transfer in Shanghai. Quite a fair price for peak season. Of coz not much expectation for the meal on flight.

Flight schedule: 0725 - 0950 MU726 Hong Kong to Shanghai
                       1200 - 1525 MU521 Shanghai to Tokyo

                       1655 - 1905 MU522 Tokyo to Shanghai
                       2110 - 2335 MU725 Shanghai to Hong Kong

Itinerary of today:
Hong Kong
Hotel Horidome Villa
Foever 21
Dinner @ 
Harajuku 原宿
Omotesandō 表參道

Though there were 2 hours in between the flights, it passed quickly coz we gotta go through the customs. Then we just went online using our cell phones or walked around those duty free shops.


We bought Suica + NEX card (5000 Yen) including return tickets from airport and card for taking underground with 3000 Yen value.

Arrived our hotel in an hour. Lived in Hotel Horidome Villa (around HKD500/ night) which was really convenient.

Located near several undergorund stations of different routes, saving time from interchanging. Just 5 minutes walk from Ningyocho Station (人形町駅), 15 minutes walk from Kanda Station (神田駅) and 20 minutes walk from Tokyo Station (東京駅).
very small room but didn't matter coz we only stay they for short time

beef rice with salad and egg near our hotel (520 Yen)

Walked 15 minutes to Kanda Station (神田駅), then headed to Harajuku (原宿). It took about 25 minutes by train. Harajuku (原宿) is a really great place for shopping. you can see almost all the famous brands there. We don't like shopping though but still wanna take a look at the fashionable side of Tokyo. (actually I could hardly see someone dressed not in trend when I went on the street!)
Forever 21, still doesn't have a branch in HK
 tried tempura at 天(500 Yen/ set)
Christmas lights at 表參道
Christmas lights at Omotesandō (表參道)

Very tired after a long flight. Went back to the hotel early and got ready for another long day tomorrow.

Total expenses for 2 =HKD7700 + 12520 yen
Flight                       HKD2600 X2 =HKD5200
Suica + NEX card       5000 yen X2 =10000 yen
Hotel Horidome Villa  HKD500 X5 =HKD2500
Dinner                      520 yen for 2
Foever 21                  1500 yen
                          500 yen for 2
Harajuku 原宿             /
Omotesandō 表參道     /

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