Saturday, May 02, 2015

Phuket Retreat Day 4


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @Kota-Khao-Mun-Kai Restaurant
Phuket Trick-eye Museum
Dinner @Malin Plaza
Tiger Bar

Our target today was the Phuket Trick-eye Museum. Drove all the way to Kota-Khao-Mun-Kai Restaurant for 2 reasons: browsed on Internet and popped up a recommendation on Open-rice and it was quite close to the tourist spot that we were going to visit. A bit hard to find though. We asked a few locals for the restaurant location and finally there was one who was able to tell us where it was. Hainan chicken rice with iced milk tea only cost 70 bahts. Not very special as people mentioned as a hidden gem though.

Headed to the Phuket Trick-eye Museum then. 500 bahts/ person for entrance fee was not cheap provided that the cost spent in Phuket was usually low. But it was quite fun and we spent like more than 3 hours taking heaps of interesting photos there. Should be one of my top picks in Phuket avoiding hot sweaty weather outdoor.

Things happened right after we left the museum. Was not feeling quite well and would like to head back to hotel for a rest. Lawrence dropped me there and was trying to look for some food for me. I had been waiting for him for a long time and was worried. Unfortunately I was not able to reach him on phone as I didn't mark down his Thai number! Got a call at my room like a few hours later and it was him! He was involved in a car crash! I was freaked out hearing the news but luckily he didn't get hurt. Just a matter that he needed to deal with the police and asked for insurance details before he came back.

It was almost 6pm when all the things got done. We were so hungry and drove to Malin Plaza right away for dinner. There were several food stalls right opposite the night market and we were attracted by one of them trying out the seafood noodles. We ordered another dish of veggie as well. (130 bahts)

Bought a few skewers as snacks afterwards. (20 bahts each)

Initially booked a spa at So Thai since the Luxury Package for couples was at a promotion price of 5000 bahts for 2, but was at last cancelled due to the things happened in the evening. Bumped into this shop and saw 220 bahts for an hour body massage. Seeing many tourists inside, we didn't even discuss and got into the shop. Of course it was not a very sophisticated one but already enough for us to cure our back and leg pain since we both felt tired after a few days of walk.

Passed by a fruit store and bought some fruit and juice (130 bahts). Good for digestion! 

Got back to Patong Beach Road and it was still quite early. Explored a bit of the night life in Phuket, drinking beers (270 bahts) and watching the ladyboys doing pole dancing was quite fun to end our day.

Total expenses for 2 =2040 bahts
Breakfast @Kota-Khao-Mun-Kai Restaurant  70 bahts X2 =140 bahts
Phuket Trick-eye Museum                          500 bahts X2 =1000 bahts
Dinner @Malin Plaza                                 130 bahts
Skewers @Malin Plaza                               20 bahts X3 =60 bahts
Massage                                                 220 bahts X2 =440 bahts
Tiger Bar                                                 270 bahts


  1. 呢D 3D視覺既野好得意,依家係咪香港都有勒?

    1. 香港而家有好多ar!我見山頂, 淺水灣, 尖沙咀都有! 不過我未去過~ heheee