Monday, May 25, 2015

Phuket Retreat - expenses summary

Day 1
take free sim card@ airport>> car rental @Avis>> Check in @Acca Patong>> Lunch @Street food>> Look for local tour @Patong Beach>> Jungceylon>> Big C>> Dinner @Banzzan Fresh Market

Total expenses for 2 =HKD2184 + 6418 bahts
Flight                                     HKD672 X2 =HKD1344
take free sim card@ airport       /
Top up sim card                       320 bahts
car rental @Avis                      4800 bahts for 7 days
Check in @Acca Patong             HKD840 for 4 nights
Lunch @Street food                  300 bahts for 2
Banana pancakes                     60 bahts
Drinks                                    59 bahts X2 =118 bahts
Big C                                     350 bahts
Dinner @Banzzan Fresh Market  470 bahts for 2

Day 2
Day tour @Ratcha Island>> Dinner @Natural Restaurant

Total expenses for 2 =4580 bahts
Day tour @Ratcha Island      1700 bahts X2 =3400 bahts
Beach chairs rental              100 bahts X2 =200 bahts
Ice cream                           40 bahts X2 =80 bahts
Dinner @Natural Restaurant  900 bahts for 2

Day 3
Central Festival>> Breakfast @Shabu Shi>> Wat Chalong>> Big Buddha Phuket>> tea @local restaurants>> Karon Viewpointà Karon Beach>> Dinner @Mali Seafood & Restaurant

Total expenses for 2 =1570 bahts
Central Festival                              /
Breakfast @Shabu Shi                     366 bahts (for 2)
Wat Chalong                                  /
Coconut                                        40 bahts
Postcards                                      10 bahts X12 =120 bahts
Bananas for elephants                    40 bahts
Big Buddha Phuket                         /
Lunch & tea @local restaurants        404 bahts for 2
Karon Viewpoint                             /
Karon Beach                                  /
Dinner @Mali Seafood & Restaurant  600 bahts for 2

Day 4
Breakfast @Kota-Khao-Mun-Kai Restaurant>> Phuket Trick-eye Museum>> Dinner @Malin Plaza>> Massage>> Tiger Bar

Total expenses for 2 =2040 bahts
Breakfast @Kota-Khao-Mun-Kai Restaurant  70 bahts X2 =140 bahts
Phuket Trick-eye Museum                          500 bahts X2 =1000 bahts
Dinner @Malin Plaza                                 130 bahts
Skewers @Malin Plaza                               20 bahts X3 =60 bahts
Massage                                                 220 bahts X2 =440 bahts
Tiger Bar                                                 270 bahts

Day 5
Breakfast @Coffee Mania>> Phuket Dog @Yoshitomo Nara>> Patong Beach>> Lunch @Banzaan Fresh Market>> Big C>> Sala Phuket>> Turtle Village>> Dinner @The Coffee Club>> Supper @Swensens 

Total expenses for 2 =HKD2355 + 4410 bahts
Breakfast @Coffee Mania         320 bahts for 2Phuket Dog @Yoshitomo Nara  /
Patong Beach                         /
Lunch @Banzaan Fresh Market  2230 bahts for 2
Big C                                     1120 bahts
Sala Phuket                            HKD2355 for 1 night
Turtle Village                          /
Dinner @The Coffee Club          550 bahts for 2
Supper @Swensens                  190 bahts for 2

Day 6
Breakfast @Sala Phuket Resort and Spa>> Tour @Anantara Resort>> Villa>> Naiyang Beach Resort>> Tea @Bann Ra Tree>> Phuket FantaSea Show

Total expenses for 2: HKD282 + 430 bahts
Breakfast @Sala Phuket Resort and Spa  /
Tour @Anantara Resort                         /
Villa                                                   /
Naiyang Beach Resort                           HKD282 for 1 night
Tea @Bann Ra Tree                              360 bahts for 2
Phuket FantaSea Show                          /
Drinks                                                70 bahts

Day 7
Naiyang Beach Resort>> Airport>> Breakfast @Subway>> Hong Kong

Total expenses for 2 =190 bahts
Naiyang Beach Resort  /
Airport                       /
Breakfast @Subway    190 bahts
Hong Kong                 /

Used HKD4821 +  18068bahts (around HKD4490) for the whole trip in total, meaning an average of HKD4656/ person all inclusive! Spent like HKD1500 each cheaper then we expected! Hurrah! 

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