Friday, April 18, 2014

Beautiful Taichung Day 5


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @Hae Duenn Motel
Flea market @金谷市場
Souvenirs @太陽堂總店

Came to the last day of our Taichung trip. Finished the light breakfast provided by the motel. Just simple toasts with a few cartons of drinks. Quite average.

Actually got nothing else to do but could just hang around a flea market near our motel coz we were gonna head to the airport to catch the afternoon flight in a couple of hours.

Passed by a shop selling sun cakes. (a famous product from Taiwan) Bought a few boxes as souvenirs for friends and relatives. Everything in Taichung could be  bargained, including sun cakes. We bought 3 dozens and got half a dozen for free.

Drove all the way back to Car-plus to return the car. The staff there completed the check up in quite a few minutes and helped us to call for a cab, then driving us all the way to the airport.(NT400)

Taichung airport was really tiny and got nothing else to see, better not arriving there early next time if we go there again. Check-in was fast due to not many people. All the thing we could do while waiting for boarding was just having lunch in the only restaurant there. It was quite cheap though but tasted above average. (NT170/ set)

Time to say goodbye to Taichung! See you again some time in the future!

Total expenses for 4 =NT2020
Breakfast @Hae Duenn Motel  /
Flea market @金谷市場            /
Souvenirs @太陽堂總店            NT1280
Cab                                     NT400
Lunch                                  NT170 X2 =NT340


  1. 短短5 Day ,屋企人一定好開心啦~

    1. 真係好短ar! 遲左買flight tickets d時間都唔係咁好, 返黎得一個朝早...