Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beautiful Taichung - expenses summary

Day 1
car rental @Car-plus>> lunch @street market>> tea @Miya Hara>> Taichung Station>>  Sasha Motel>> Tiger City>> dinner @motel

Total expenses for 4 =HKD8396 + NT9380
Flight                        HKD2099 X4 =HKD8396
Cab                           NT480
Car rental @Car-plus    NT4500 for 4 days
Lunch @street market  NT500 for 4
Tea @Miyahara            NT110 X2 =NT220
Taichung Station          /
Sasha Motel                NT1680 X2 =NT3360
Tiger City                    /
Dinner @motel            NT320 for 4

Day 2
breakfast @motel>> suspension bridge 雙十吊橋>> Temple of Chen-fu General 陳府將軍廟>>  Puli>> lunch @東池飯包>> Paper Dome 埔里紙教堂>> King Garden 元首館>> Cingjing>> Yunwu Villag>> dinner @Carton King 紙箱王>> Small Swiss Garden>> Visitor Centre

Total expeses for 4 =NT7560
Breakfast @Sasha Motel                    /
Suspension bridge 雙十吊橋                 / 
Temple of Chen-fu General 陳府將軍廟  /
Puli                                                /
Lunch @東池飯包                               NT680 for 4
Paper Dome 埔里紙教堂                      NT100 X4 =NT400
King Garden 元首館                           /
Cingjing                                         /
Yunwu Villag                                  NT5200
Dinner @Carton King 紙箱王              NT1280 for 4
Small Swiss Garden                         /
Visitor Centre                                 /

Day 3
Green Green Grasslands>> Old England>> Visitors Centre>> dinner @陶易燒>> 香草舖子>> Carton's King

Total expenses for 4 =NT3924
Yunwu Villag                  /
Green Green Grasslands  NT160 X2 + NT80 X2 =NT480
Lunch                           NT500 for 4
Animal food                   NT10
Milk                              NT40 X2 =NT80Old England                   NT495 X4 =NT1980
Visitors Centre               /
Dinner @陶易燒               NT700 for 4
香草舖子                         /
Postcards                      NT29 X6 =NT174

Day 4
breakfast @Yunwu Villag>> Checheng>> Sun Moon Lake>> Jiji Green Tunnel>>  lunch @Laoding>> Jiji Town>> Hae Duenn Motel>> Shin Kong Mitsukoshi>> Fengjia Night Market

Total expenses for 4 = NT5900
Breakfast @Yunwu Villag         /
Checheng                              /
Sun Moon Lake                      /
Eggs                                    NT10 X4 =NT40
Jiji Green Tunnel                    /
Lunch @Laoding                    NT700 for 4
Jiji Town                               /
Hae Duenn Motel                   NT1880 X2 =NT3760
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi              /
Snacks @Fengjia Night Market  NT200 for 2
Dinner @Fengjia Night Market  NT300 X4 =NT1200

Day 5

breakfast @Hae Duenn Motel>> flea market @金谷市場>> souvenirs @太陽堂總店>> Car-plus>> Airport

Total expenses for 4 =NT2020
Breakfast @Hae Duenn Motel  /
Flea market @金谷市場            /
Souvenirs @太陽堂總店            NT1280
Cab                                     NT400
Lunch                                  NT170 X2 =NT340

Used HKD8396 + NT28784 (around HKD7200) for the whole trip in total, which means an average of HKD3899/ person with all things included! How come we could use so small amount of money in these 5 days! (Planned to use HKD5500/ person...)

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