Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beautiful Taichung Day 4


Itinerary of today:
Breakfast @Yunwu Villag
Sun Moon Lake
Jiji Green Tunnel
Lunch @Laoding
Jiji Town
Hae Duenn Motel
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi
Dinner @Fengjia Night Market

Here comes the fourth day of our Taichung trip. Had a simple breakfast in Yunwu Villag again and we were gonna head back to the city centre again today.

This time we decided to by pass Sun Moon Lake and Jiji Town. We set the GPS to Sun Moon Lake and drove all the way wrongly to... Checheng! Unexpected stop but it was a pretty small town!!!! (That's a cute shop selling candies on our way to Checheng)

Checheng has been an essential timber processing industry center for central Taiwan since 1919 until later, the government implemented the law to prohibit logging. Since then, the legacy of the wood processing facilities and equipment has become a local attraction and a landmark. However, this little old town hasn't changed into a commercial place and still keeps the old look as in the 80’s.

The Checheng Station was destroyed during the devastating '921 Earthquake' in Jiji in 1999. What we saw there was a beautiful re-built wood platform station. 

A workshop for visitors to experience the way making wooden chairs.

Then we made our way back to Sun Moon LakeIt was such a longggg way.

Was already noon time and we felt a bit hungry. Bought some eggs from the food stall next to the ticketing counter for cruise around the lake to fill our tummies as our next stop to Jiji would be more than half an hour drive from there. (NT10/ egg)

Going up a bit from Sun Moon Lake, there was a giant temple. Everything looked magnificent inside.

Immediately we headed to Jiji Town for the railway station. Along Highway 152 stretched the Green Tunnel, offering a stunning view of this green spectacle if you take the train with centenarian camphor trees in a line. The high branches of these trees interconnect to form a green canopy, and therefore, a spectacular natural wonder is created. 

We were in our bad luck again as it started to rain heavily. The highway was quite. We had no idea of the train schedule. Hence we gave up this tourist spot and looked for food instead. Had lunch in Laoding. Hot dishes are always good in a rainy cool day. (NT700 in total)

Rain didn't stop till the end of our meal, meaning that we had to give up sightseeing in Jiji Railway Station as well. Could only see that from our car. What a shame!

We were in a state of disappointment as we couldn't see much today. Anyway, arriving at Hae Duenn Motel, where we gonna spend our night made us feel better. Comfy room with relaxing jacuzzi which cost only NT1880/ night was definitely a good choice.

There were still plenty of time to explore this lovely city. Before having dinner, we went to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. Actually we are not fans of shopping. It was just too wet staying outdoor. The Toyland exhibition helped us to kill the time. There were lots of exhibits and they looked so cool!

It was time for dinner. Fengjia Night Market was our target. Parking there was a nightmare. There were quite a lot of parking space but they were all full! Long queues were found everywhere and we decided to park further and walked back to the night market instead of waiting and wasting our time.

Tried some snacks while taking a walk. 

Wanna find a place where we could sit for dinner. Ended up eating Taiwanese teppanyaki for dinner. (around NT300/ person)

Total expenses for 4 = NT5900
Breakfast @Yunwu Villag         /
Checheng                              /
Sun Moon Lake                      /
Eggs                                    NT10 X4 =NT40
Jiji Green Tunnel                    /
Lunch @Laoding                    NT700 for 4
Jiji Town                               /
Hae Duenn Motel                   NT1880 X2 =NT3760
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi              /
Snacks @Fengjia Night Market  NT200 for 2
Dinner @Fengjia Night Market  NT300 X4 =NT1200


  1. 父母一定好開心啦~ 逢甲仲係保持得咁整齊嗎? 同士林(前身)比較舒服得多~ 不過依家係地底仲衰⋯

  2. 1800台幣一晚真係好抵住。我like。

    1. 係ar! 一般台中d motel 都係差唔多價錢~ 有埋jacuzzi 都係around HKD400好抵ar!

  3. 1800台幣一晚真係好抵住。我like。

  4. 1800台幣一晚真係好抵住。我like。