Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beautiful Taichung Day 3


Itinerary of today:
Yunwu Villag
Green Green Grasslands
Old England
Visitors Centre
Dinner @陶易燒 
Carton's King

Planned to go to the Green Green Grasslands early in the morning, watching the 9:30a.m. sheep shearing show and left some more time sightseeing. It was utterly out of our plan as we gotta take turn using the bathroom in the morning and it took quite a long time. So we decided to slowly enjoy our breakfast in the hotel instead. Breakfast in Yunwu Villag was obviously not my cup of tea... (as if I was having breakfast in a village in China... everything was cold and sometimes flies were surrounding the food corner...) It was kinda stomach turning...

Anyway, the beds in our room were comfy, The view from there was breathtaking. All these overrode the bad perception brought by the breakfast. And still, we had a great mood heading to Green Green Grasslands and pet the sheep, in which I had been looking forward to in the entire trip.

It was a weekday and the entrance free was much cheaper. (NT160 for adult and NT80 for elderly) Since we were late and missed the 9:30a.m. sheep shearing show, we gotta wait until 2:30p.m. for the next one. Hence the staff directed us to the Equestrian show. For the man, it maybe pretty exciting. For me, I was just trying to devote my full attention on something I am not quite interested in. Later, I turned out to find that it was quite interesting. 

On the way back to the main entrance for lunch, there were quite a lot of windmills which made the farmland looked more fun and attractive.

After almost 3 hours walk, we were all starving. (especially with those weird breakfast) We had lunch in the bustling food bazaar exactly next to the entrance. (I think everybody was eating there as it was the only place for lunch) There were plenty of food stalls with a variety of choice. We ordered 6 dishes and they only cost less than NT500!

The walk up for sheep shearing show was particularly hard for two elderly and hence, driving to another entrance and walking down all the way sounded like a better choice. (parking was a problem though)

Once we entered there was a castle selling souvenirs. Out there was an area with some baby sheep kept fed by tones of tourists. Even we knew the sheep were probably fed up already, I still insisted to buy some sheep food for these adorable ones. (NT10) (Actually I failed to take a proper picture with them as it was quite terrifying with them licking my hands...)

Heard that usually herds of sheep are grazing on the grassy hill. But maybe I was too imaginative and seeing them in real life didn't give me quite a strong feeling. Anyway, it was time for the sheep shearing show and we bought a few bottles of fresh milk before the show started. (Don't think too much. It was quite ordinary and I couldn't even tell the difference between milk I bought from the supermarket... But still, we told each other the milk was exceptionally fresh after drinking... that's how we made ourselves even happier during the trip!)

We left a few minutes before the show ended to avoid the crowds. Hopping on our car, we drove all the way to enjoy the afternoon tea in Old England. It is impossible to miss Old England on the go unless you are day dreaming or sleeping. This charming traditional English Mansion is a majestic sight to behold. Many couples in Hong Kong also flock here for their pre-wedding photo shooting. To explore the interior, we could either be a guest staying at the mansion or have afternoon tea here. As the rate per night was far out of our budget, we chose the later one.

The grand dining hall looked magnificent especially with the cleverly utilised natural sunlight. We didn't need to ponder over the menu but ordered 2 standard afternoon tea sets. (NT495/ person) (It was the only thing we could order) 2 pots of English tea came first with petite appetizer. 

Then the tea set came in a three-tier stand stacked with macarons, scones and pastries. It looked awesome but not for the taste. We could't stand with the sweetness especially for the parents. At last we packed the leftover. 

We wandered around afterwards. Everything brought me with the feeling of being in England, even the design I found in the washroom. Further down, the corridor opens to an elegant garden, where the trigger of the camera found happy with every single shoot.

Headed back to our hotel. The parents were overloaded by the itinerary and needed some rest. Of course, we didn't waste any time doing some more sightseeing. We headed to the Visitors Centre but actually there were not much to see. 

Drove back to the hotel and picked auntie and uncle up. Clearly we had no idea what to have for dinner. (Planned to go to Native Chicken Restaurant but it was too misty and we didn't dare to drive far) So we just drove to the centre and tried taiwanese hotpot at 陶易燒. (NT700 in total)

Ended our day wandering around the fancy shops after dinner.

Total expenses for 4 =NT3924
Yunwu Villag                  /
Green Green Grasslands  NT160 X2 + NT80 X2 =NT480
Lunch                           NT500 for 4
Animal food                   NT10
Milk                              NT40 X2 =NT80Old England                   NT495 X4 =NT1980
Visitors Centre               /
Dinner @陶易燒               NT700 for 4
香草舖子                         /
Postcards                      NT29 X6 =NT174


  1. I like it here, and I'll come back more often.

    Big hug


    1. Thanks Beatriz! Yours look great with nice pictures! Bad luck I don't understand Portuguese...

  2. 夏天去旅行真係好好天,影室外特別靚(但我好怕熱。。。)

    1. 之後個日落雨落到skip晒D 景點... 最interested 既集集鎮無落到車~ wuwuuu~