Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CNY with my family @ Macau day 1


Price of travel went up enormously during CNY. My family and I didn't want to spend too much money and therefore, decided to go to Macau for 2 days.

This time, we spent a very great time in Venetian Hotel, though it cost us around HKD4200/ room. Price of ferry tickets went up a bit as well (HKD340 for return ticket) coz there was no credit card promotion.

We first took the free coach to MGM to book dinner buffet for tonight. MGM is still very grand with beautiful decorations.

Then we took another free coach to City of dream. Had lunch in the food court there. We ordered 4 set lunch with 1 more dim sum. As we spent over HKD400, we could get 2 free tickets for 'Dragon's Treasure' show. It was quite a good show (provided it's free).

Finally, we walked to Venetian Hotel and check-in. As it was the 30th anniversary of my parents, I sent an e-mail to the staff in advance and asked if there would be anything doing FREE for us. And it turned out to be like this!!!!!

Took loads of photos to capture this amazing arrangement and rest a bit. Then headed to MGM again for our buffet dinner. It was over HKD500/ person with unlimited lobsters, oysters, sashimi and marcoron. Wanna say it doesn't worth for me coz the lobsters were not fresh. I just finished half of it and I didn't get any ever after. But oysters, crabs, sashimi and dessert in this restaurant are fantastic! If you are big fans of them you must visit there once!

fresh oysters and crabs, fat sashimi

tastes sweet and fresh

really a must try item

Back to hotel with stuffed tummy and enjoyed our free chocolate and wine in our comfy room.

Total expenses for 5 =HKD5900 + MOP2900
Venetian Hotel              HKD4200
Ferry tickets                  HKD340 X5 =HKD1700
Lunch @City of Dream     HKD400 for 5
Dragon's Treasure Show  /
MGM dinner buffet          MOP500 X5 =MOP2500

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