Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birthday trip to Macau - Day 2


Started our day with great breakfast! Loads and loads of things to eat.

salad and cheese

fruit and dessert


dim sum

hot food

Then went back to our room again and played with the kimono for a long time!

Check-out and hanged around the hotel.

Finally we could go to the light tower. It was small but really beautiful.
walked up the slope and was tired...

Walked back to 大三巴. Though we did not need to buy any souvenirs and had been to there for many times, still gotta take a picture in front of it...

Finally went back to 官也街 and had crab porridge, which ended our trip with a nice dinner. Ordered a big pot of crab congee and a plate of veggie. (MOP250)

Total expenses for 2 =HKD1988 + MOP60

Breakfast @Terrace Restaurant  /
Lighthouse                              /
大三巴                                     /
Dinner                                    MOP250

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