Sunday, February 17, 2013

CNY with my family @ Macau day 2


Had good sleep and went for breakfast. Chose a Chinese restaurant just right next to the casino as there was discount if you are a member of the Sands Club. Actually it's just MOP38 for a set including 1 hot dish and 1 dim sum for 1 membership card and gotta show your card before you order. So all of us just walked into the casino and joined the membership right away to enjoy this great deal.

gifts as you joined the club

another gift if you gamble a bit in the casino

Hanged around and took some nice pictures in mall. Then we enjoyed our free welcome drinks in one of the bars as we were already very tired.

Very yummy fries with cheese (MOP60)

Finally it's night time and headed to the firework and parade area. It was the first year having a parade like those in Hong Kong. But it was in quite a small scale. With a bit of fireworks, our trip came to an end. Though feeling disappointed about the parade and fireworks, still it was an awesome and relaxing time spending with my family.

Total expenses for 5 =MOP250
Brunch @Imperial House Dim Sum  MOP38 X5 =MOP190
Venetian Shopping Arcade             /
Tea @McSorley's ALE House           MOP60 for 4
Fireworks + Parade                       /

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