Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shenzhen 2-day trip with my girls - Day 1


As my friend Becky is working in Shangri-La, we got discount booking the hotel in Futian. It is the first time for me living in a 5 stars hotel in Shenzhen instead of at massage centre!

Headed to Dongmen and did some shopping first. Then took the train to 購物公園 coz we were having dinner at 巴蜀風月.

Address: 福田中心區福華三路星河國際大厦2樓西側 (near COCO Park)
It mainly provides Sichuan cuisine which is really fantastic. We ordered 7 dishes and It only cost us RMB350!

tastes good but maybe a bit salty for those who don't like salted eggs

great dish

Absoultely delicious!

the duck was seriously over done. Wasn't taste good...

Then we went to Jusco nearby (in Coco Park) to by loads of snacks and some wine. Gonna enjoy our girl's night at the hotel!

Took 15 minutes walk to the hotel. The lobby was full of a nice smell! Love it! Check-in and got the room key. Here we go for our luxurious room. Sharing the room for 4 of us only cost RMB150/ person!

we were crazy about the closet

Here are our supper with welcome fruit! RMB360 for all the snacks + 2 bottles of wine! Wanna say the little mandarins were very sweet where we finished the whole dish! Slept like a pig right away after a couple glasses of wine...

Total expenses for 4 =RMB1310
巴蜀風月         RMB350
Supermarket  RMB360
Shangri-la      RMB600

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