Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shenzhen 2-day trip with my girls - Day 2


Woke up and finished the cheese cake we bought last night as breakfast. Didn't want to leave the comfy room at all! So stayed until 11 half then check-out for lunch.
view from our room

Christmas decorations at lobby

Took the train to 南山特色文化街區. Quite far away from the train station as we gotta walk like 20 minutes afterwards. Had our lunch at 普語堂 first coz we were all starving. Only around RMB260 for 5 dishes.

this is yummy!

After satisfying our tummies, we started to laze around the art village a bit. The tea time again at Han's!

spent 3 hours here with a cup of coffee

Took a taxi to 香蜜湖 and it cost only RMB30. Tried 木屋燒烤 and it was great! 16 BBQ dishes with less than RMB300 for 4 of us!!!! Good price!
Address: 福田香蜜湖深南大道6068號香蜜湖渡假村

Can't wait to explore Shenzhen again : )

Total expenses for 4 =RMB702
南山特色文化街區  /
普語堂               RMB260
Tea                  RMB28 X4 =RMB112
Taxi                 RMB30
木屋燒烤            RMB300

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