Monday, October 01, 2012

My birthday Trip to Langkawi - expenses summary

Day 1
Hong Kong>> Penang>> Super 8 Hotel

Total expenses for 2 =HKD2650 + MYR70
Flight             HKD1200 X2 =HKD2400
Taxi               MYR70
Super 8 Hotel  HKD250 for 1 night

Day 2

Langkawi + car rental>> Bella Vista Hotel>> lunch @Four Seasons Resort>> Tanjung Rhu Beach>> Cenang Beach>> Awana Hotel>> dinner @Orkid Ria

Total expenses for 2 =HKD650 + MYR745
Breakfast @hotel                   /
Taxi to pier                          MYR15
Ferry to Langawi                   MYR115 X2 =MYR230
Car rental                            MYR240 for 4 days
Bella Vista Hotel                  HKD325 X2  for 2 nights
Lunch @Four Seasons Resort  MYR130 for 2
Tanjung Rhu Beach                /
Cenang Beach                       /
Awana Hotel                         /
Dinner @Orkid Ria                 MYR130 for 2

Day 3

Bella Vista Hotel>> pick up at hotel>> Langkawi Pulau Payar Marine Park Tour>> back to hotel and wash up>> Eagle Square>> dinner @Thai restaurant>> Flea Market near Bayview Hotel

Total expenses for 2 =MYR350
Breakfast @hotel                                /
Langkawi Pulau Payar Marine Park Tour  MYR120 X2 =MYR240
Basket rental                                     MYR20
KFC + beer                                        MYR10
Eagle Square                                      /
Dinner @Thai restaurant                      MYR80
Flea Market near Bayview Hotel            /

Day 4

Bella Vista Hotel>> Perdana Quay>> Langkawi Cable car + Hanging bridge + Oriental Village>> lunch @Perdana Quay>> Seven Wells Waterfall>> check-in Sheraton Langawi Beach Resort>> tea @The Loaf + Old Town Cafe>> Cenang Beach>> dinner @Palm View Seafood Restaurant

Total expenses for 2 =HKD707 + MYR270
Breakfast @hotel                                  /
Perdana Quay                                      /
Oriental Village                                    /
Langkawi Cable car                               MYR30 X2 =MYR60
Parking                                               MYR2
Coconut                                              MYR4
Seven Wells Waterfall                          /
Lunch @Perdana Quay                          MYR40 for 2
Sheraton Chalet                                   HKD707
The Loaf                                             MYR8.5
Old Town Cafe                                     MYR10.5
Cenang Beach                                      /
Bread Story                                         MYR5
Dinner @Palm View Seafood Restaurant  MYR140 for 2

Day 5

Sheraton Langawi Beach Resort>> swimming @hotel>> Cenang Street>> lunch @Orkid Ria>> return car + ferry to Penang>> dinner @Chew Jetty>> check-in Tune Hotel

Total expenses for 2 =HKD100 + MYR238
Stayed in the hotel + swimming  /
Cenang Street                          /
Lunch @Orkid Ria                     MYR95
Riku Riku                                MYR78
Legenda Park                           /
Return car + ferry to Penang      /
Dinner @Chew Jetty                 MYR40 for 2
Tune Hotel                             HKD100 for 1 night
Air-conditioning                       MYR25

Day 6

Tune Hotel>> hang around Penang city>> Penang Airport>> Hong Kong

Total expenses for 2 =MYR65.4
Food and drinks     MYR60
Bus to the airport  MYR2.7 X2 =MYR5.4

One of the cheapest vacation we have ever made for HK4107 + MYR1738.4 (around HKD3540) for the whole trip, which means an average of HKD3823.5/ person with all inclusive! A thousand each cheaper than we planned! Can see that the food were really sooooo much cheaper than we expected!

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