Saturday, October 03, 2015

Impromptu Foshan Break Day 2


Itinerary of today:
Ancestral Temple
Hello Kitty Cafe

Didn't set the alarm clock. Just woke up naturally and did our wash up. Went down for the buffet breakfast. There was a mix of Chinese and western dishes. The most surprising thing was having dimsum and instantly cooked noodles. No wonder the online reviews are mostly positive.

Then checked out and left our belongings at the reception. Found that we didn't carry enough RMB and exchanged at the reception. The rate was just soso but we had no choice.

Visited the Ancestral Temple first (RMB20/ person)

Along with the indigenous worshipers, there are both martial arts and Cantonese Opera performances. The temple houses the exhibitions for Ip Man and Wong Fei Hung. For enthusiasts of Chinese martial arts, this temple is a must visit.

The temple is dedicated to Beidi, the Northern God, who is said to have power over the waters of Guangdong.

There was also gymnasts performing lion dances. Cantonese Opera or musical performances were also shown to entertain visitors.

Headed to Lingnan New Tiande Place again. We found a nice Chinese restaurant for lunch. Luckily, it was afternoon tea time and the price was much cheaper than we expected. We ordered 6 dishes and it was only RMB71 altogether. The dimsum tasted quite nice, especially the shrip dumplings.

Kept wandering around.

Finally we dropped by Hello Kitty Cafe for a drink (RMB35). We really grabbed a drink only coz we were too full and it was ridiculously overpriced for a non-Hello Kitty fan. Anyway, it was a fancy place for girls.

Dessert before we got back to the hotel. (RMB15)

Got our belongings and made our way to the coach station. Still 20 more minutes to go before departure and we tried to find something that we could eat on board. Luckily, we bought some buns and dumplings. They were both cheap and tasting good. (RMB15)

Total expenses for 2 =RMB177
Ancestral Temple RMB20 X2 =RMB40
Lunch                 RMB71
Hello Kitty Cafe    RMB35
Dessery               RMB16
Dinner                 RMB15

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