Thursday, October 01, 2015

Impromptu Foshan Break Day 1


Itinerary of today:

Saw an attractive package promotion on E&E Tours website. Staying in Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi Foshan with breakfast and transfer was only HKD560/ person. Wanna take a break at the beginning of the busy school term, so decided to spend a weekend there chilling out with Lawrence.

We got on the coach in Kwun Tong early in the morning. It took around 3 and a half hours to get there, so we bought some breakfast to eat on board and got some sleep.

The hotel we stayed was right in the heart of Foshan. It is well located and close to everything. The outlook was quite stylish and the interior was simple but grand.

The room was spacious and clean. We were given the vouchers for buffet dinner while checking-in. Staffs were cheerful and helpful.

Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi Foshan
Address: No. 97 Renmin Road, Chancheng District Foshan 
Tel: +(86 757) 8250 1888

It was in a walking distance with Lingnan New Tiande Place. The developer keeps the rustic houses and makes it become a place with entertainment and International restaurants.

Restaurants inside were overpriced. We searched for a while and finally found one with reasonable price for lunch. 民信老舖 serves traditional Chinese wonton and beef noodles. We ordered both and a plate of fried chicken wings and it cost only RMB58 in total. The food was nice and the fried chicken wings instantly cooked right after we ordered. 

We were full of energy again after the meal and continued to do some sightseeing. Since we wanna visit Hello Kitty cafe the next day, we just roughly toured around and left. 

There was another shopping centre nearby. It was furnished in the theme of Hong Kong. It was even named Mongkok, a busy shopping paradise in Hong Kong. The first gift shop we saw when we got in was very eye-catching. It sold fascinating gifts which we found amusing. However, the price was not very attractive and we ended up buying nothing.

We also visited Suning to buy a new camera stand (RMB199). It was way cheaper then those in Hong Kong but the quality is more or less the same. It was just the matter of the brand name.

Walmart was just right at the corner and we bought some snacks and drinks back to hotel (RMB28). A shop close to it selling freshly made juice with cute bottle caught our sight and we bought one too (RMB11).

Made our way back to the hotel for the big feast. The food corner was not very big but there was quite a big variety of food to choose from. The most popular ones were grilled oysters and pan-fried goose liver. We gotta wait for a long time as they were not providing both frequently, just served from time to time. Other food was not bad, but can't said to be in high quality. Anyway, we didn't expect much provided that the price of the whole package was quite cheap.

Got nothing to do and we considered going for a swim. The swimming caps were provided and we swam for half and hour, then got back to our room for a shower. A short break should be like this, right? 

Night view from our room was great. That was a plus for us.

Total expenses for 2 =HKD1120 +RMB296
Package                       HKD1120
Lunch @民信老舖           RMB58
Camera stand @Suning RMB199
Walmart                       RMB28
Drinks                          RMB11

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