Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bali getaway Day 10


Itinerary of today:
Dolphins tour
Gitgit Waterfall
Pura Besakih
Lunch with friends
Denpasar Airport

Here comes the last bit of our 10 days Bali trip. The only reason for us to travel a long way to the northern part of the island was watching the dolphins. Someone may not think that it is worthy, but having a chance to live in a villa that I love (I planned to book it once I saw the reviews and pictures of it online!) and enjoy a quite night in a lovely cafe (was highly recommended on TripAdvisor), it made our long journey there worthwhile.

We woke up at 4-ish that morning. The villa was completely quite and I guess we were the only guess who planned to watch the dolphins that day. Our tour guide drove us to the pier by motorcycle. We were both thrilled getting there in quite a speedy move. 

It was a rather lively dawn bustling with noise and excitement. The number of people was more than what we expected provided that we didn't see much people around the Lovina area last night. Seeing the sunrise, we were divided into groups to get on different boats. I guess there were over 50 boats scattered all over the seashore.

We waited for the dolphins to surface again and again. It was worth to lose some sleep for just to catch a glimpse of these heavenly creatures. When we were told by the boatman that the dolphins appeared, every single boat from around chased after us. Of course, when our boatman heard the cheers from another boat, he simply knew that they saw the family of dolphins and sailed close to there right away. It was kinda amazing seeing how fast their reactions were. Was not able to get good pictures coz I was too focus watching the scenery in live!

Actually the boatman also offered diving gears. The water was quite clean and clear but we didn't dive in the end.

The 2-hour tour ended very quickly. We headed back to our villa to enjoy a big feast. The menu served Mediterranean dishes with croissant, juice, tea and fruit. I was not having a good appetite probably due to lack of sleep, but Lawrence did finish his and mine. 

Took some sleep and woke up again taking pictures around the villa and packing our baggage.

On the way back to visit our friend, we passed by Gitgit Waterfall and Pura Besakih. 

Arriving at Gitgit Waterfall, we gotta pay Rp15000 each for the entrance fee. There is more than one waterfall in this area, but we only saw the largest and most accessible one. It took a bit of walk to get there, but even I was wearing my slippers, it was still not a problem. Actually it was in the dry season and we couldn't feel the strong power of the water. Anyway, it was a nice break to our long car ride to the town centre.

Gitgit Waterfall
Address: Jl. Raya Bedugul - Singaraja, Sukasada, Buleleng, Bali 81161

Pura Besakih (Rp30000/ person) is one of the most important, largest and holiest temple of Hindu religion in Bali. It attracts lot of tourists to go for a visit every day. The car park was completely full. The temple was undergoing a ceremony. The locals were playing music and having a parade around the temple. It was pretty impressive even we didn't know what it was for. It was a shame that we couldn't spend much time there as we were in a hurry meeting up our friend.

Pura Besakih
Address: Jl. Raya Besakih, Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia

Felt sorry that our friend had waited for us for quite a few hours. Our friend farewelled us with freshly made grilled fish and lobsters. The seafood was very tender and it had well absorbed the flavours of seasoning. It was definitely a perfect meal to end our trip.

Visited his home as well coz we still had a few hours to go before our departure. 

The last picture with our lovely tour guide and driver.

Checked our baggage, posted the postcards and got into the departure area.
It was the Independent Day and there were game booths promoting Indonesia tourism. We played some interesting games and got bears, medals and photos as souvenirs. Good activities to kill time.

Got ready for a long transfer at KL. Buying facial foam and drinks was not very expensive even at the airport. (Rp52000) Our flight departed on time and we arrived at KL in 2 hours. We tried to access the lounge to get some sleep but it was closed! How come the website stated that it was with 24-hour service? Out of our plan and we decided to get a table at the food court and waited till the morning. Had a hard rest time and probably will take a direct flight if we go to Bali again.

All in all, Bali is simply an amazing place to visit. The countryside is breathtaking and the beaches are perfect. There is great hiking, friendly locals, world-class dining, and the most important thing is, it’s inexpensive. Will return there again for sure in the future.

Total expenses for 2 =Rp442000
Dolphins tour                                 Rp150000 X2 =Rp300000
Breakfast @Lilin Lovina Beach Hotel  /
Gitgit Waterfall                              Rp15000 X2 =Rp30000
Pura Besakih                                  Rp30000 X2 =Rp60000
Lunch with friends                           /
Denpasar Airport                             Rp52000

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