Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bali getaway Day 1


Have been waiting for this Bali trip for long. Became more and more impatient seeing so many of my friends and colleagues posting their photos travelling in different parts of the world during summer holidays, and finally, IT'S MY TURN!

Went to Tsim Sha Tsui exchanging some rupiah. My friend told me there's one called Singapore offering good rate to CX cabin crews and I got 1:1690 the day before I off to go to Bali. Not worth to queue for long at Berlin in Central with more or less the same rate which saved me plenty of time.

Flight schedule: (Airasia: HKD1963/ person)
1320- 1710 AK135 (Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur)
2025- 2325 AK555 (Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar)
2120- 0020 AK555 (Denpasar to Kuala Lumpur)
0710- 1105 KA1348 (Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong)

Itinerary of today:
HK Airport
Lunch @Plaza Premium Lounge
KL transit
Tea @Plaza Premium Lounge
Free pick up to hotel (by friend)
Grandmas Hotel Seminyak 

It was way less rigid travelling during summer holidays. Had some light food as breakfast on the airport bus and it seemed so quick getting to the airport in the morning. Our routine again, getting the boarding passes, went to Page One to get the complimentary copy of magazines/ newspaper for free using the DBS credit card. Thought that would be able to get an extra one in Relay for HKD1 like last time we did using Standard Charter credit card but the promotion had come to an end. 

Making good use of the credit card privileges saved us some money on food. It was our first time getting into the Plaza Premium Lounge at the HK airport using Cathay Pacific Elite AE card. (Annual fee waived for the 1st year, and I am gonna make good use of it this year, travelling 3 times with my husband and my family) Unlimited Plaza Premium Lounge access all year-round is provided to the card holder and the Supplementary card members. And the best thing was of course, free food and drinks with comfy sofas in the waiting area while waiting to board. It applied to not necessary Cathay pacific flights. Like us, flying with Airasia showing the credit cards and boarding passes could still be able to access to the lounge. 

Heard about the famous fishball noodles for quite a while and it's our turn to try. It was exceptionally nice, more than impressed by the taste of it! After we finished our lunch and headed to catch our flight, the lounge was just full and people gotta queue and wait for their turn to get inside. How lucky we were!

Took a 4-hour flight to KL and looked for the lounge there for a better rest and have free dinner (again). Food and drinks were not as good as those in HK, but what could be complained provided that it's free of charge? It had already helped us a lot with our budget! Lawrence felt a bit tired and asked whether he could get a shower there. Towels were provided, and with this free shower in a nice bathroom, he felt refreshed and was ready for the next 3-hour flight! (That's definitely the downside of catching cheap flights)

Hanged around the airport but nothing was our cup of tea.

Felt a little bit hungry again and ordered some food on the flight. Quite cheap though yet not tasting bad. (RP55000)

Lucky got my colleague's friend to pick us up from the airport at midnight (for free!) and saved lots of time travelling to our hotel (AirasiaGo package included) for a rest. He also helped us to arrange car rental with drivers in a reasonable price. 

Arrived Grandmas Hotel Seminyak at around 1am. It was with good location just next to Anantara Resort and opposite to The Breeze Resort. Nevertheless, staying for a short night only in this budget hotel was absolutely fine for us even with the absence of all amenities (meaning no shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste and toothbrushes, luckily we had them all with us). Slept right away to get ready for touristy stuff the next day.

Total expenses for 2 =HKD3926 + Rp55000
Flight tickets                            HKD1963 X2 =HKD3926
Lunch @Plaza Premium Lounge   /
Tea @Plaza Premium Lounge      /
Meal on flight                           Rp55000
Free pick up to hotel (by friend)  /
Grandmas Hotel Seminyak          /


  1. Lounge我未入過呀,嗚嗚⋯
    航班上先order竟然仲有得賣? 我上次搭air asia想食已賣晒了,只剩下杯麵⋯

    1. 有得免費入lounge真係對我呢d想慳得一蚊得一蚊既人黎講係一個喜訊! 你都可以apply張credit card試下!
      係ar今次好彩ar! 之後見有其他客order已經sold out!!!